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Jonathan Richman of the Modern Lovers

Written by PETA | March 3, 2008

austinchronicle/Creative Commons

I took a road trip this weekend with a buddy of mine to Athens, Georgia, which happens to be my very favorite town in America (hence the slow, inefficient posting of comments on the blog during the past couple of days), and we had the supreme pleasure of seeing Jonathan Richman—of Modern Lovers fame—perform at the world-famous 40 Watt Club with Vic Chesnutt. In addition to the fact that the man totally lives up to the legend, I learned a few pretty interesting things about Jonathan Richman during the course of the weekend, one of which is relevant to this here blog:

1. The dude speaks, like, five languages.
2. That actually was him and his drummer Tommy Larkins doing the musical interludes in There’s Something About Mary.
3. Jonathan Richman is a vegan. I confirmed this indirectly when I ran into him at the amazing vegetarian restaurant The Grit (yet another reason why Athens is the greatest town in the country) and mumbled incoherently at him. Here’s what he says in a 2004 interview:

Do you identify yourself as a vegetarian?
JR: It’s a great question. Right now I identify as vegan. I’m not strict, 100%. Every once in a while in some country, someone’s mother will make somethin’ and I’m not gonna ask grandma…you know like she’s there, she’s got her apron on and she spent four hours and I’m a guest at her house. I’m not gonna say, “Excuse me is there oleo Margarine and is there hydrogenated this-and-that. Nah, I eat somethin’. You know, I do the best I can. Left to my own devices I’m mostly a vegan.

Right on, Jonathan. No need to get vegan police-y with the grandmas. Anyway, here he is, doing his thing. Enjoy.

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  • Brien Comerford says:

    In an extensive interview with Jonathan Richman in Herbiviore magazine it was accentuated that Jonathan is a longstanding vegetarian and supporter of “Green” issues.

  • kelly says:

    Wow Jonathan Richman! Music would not be the same without him. He broke open new roads.

  • Riley says:

    I always knew JR was great so much better than hippy johnny.

  • Tamara says:

    Dude I went to school with Mike uhhh now it’s Michael Stipe of REM…ask him about Collinsville IL high school if you run into him…that might be a very interesting reaction. He’s a veggie. Might be vegan. Actually he wasand I guess still is 2 years older but much remembered. I used to hang with his sister a bit. When I saw you went to Athens I thought it was him you were going to see… Jonathan Richman is cool too from the same era. You’re not old enough to know about Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers…pshaw! You must know your musicthe multitalented Jack!

  • simara says:

    wow no need to be supportive about someone not being a strict vegan i’d rather be a little uncomfortable asking to make sure something is 100 vegan than eat even a tiny bit of a dead animal he could atleast choose NOT to eat an item unless he knows it’s vegan for sure I’m surprised a rep from peta is all “right onno need to upset grandma” bout lets not upset an animal by supporting theirdeaths..

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great tuneI love his guitar playing and showmanship. Tommy Larkins is not too shabby either.