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Horse Racing in 60 Seconds

Written by Alisa Mullins | May 15, 2014

Are you a betting man or woman? If so, you’ll want to put your money on the chances that at least one horse—maybe more—will suffer such a catastrophic breakdown during one of the races that are being run at Pimlico or other U.S. racetracks this weekend that he or she will have to be either carted off in an ambulance or euthanized right on the track.

The latter is what happened to Canadian Winner, a horse who collapsed during the last race at Churchill Downs on the day of the Kentucky Derby earlier this month. Another horse, Appealing Alex, tripped over the fallen thoroughbred and had to be transported off the track. Appealing Alex’s fate is unknown.

What You Can Do

The drugging of horses is killing them. Please contact your U.S. representative and senators and ask them to support the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act of 2013, Senate Bill 973 and House Bill 2012, which would increase oversight and penalties for overusing drugs in horse racing.

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  • Melissa says:

    I have seen way too many race horses being drugged and forced to race when they do not want to. These horses’ are magnificent and regal looking. Thank goodness I am not a groomer because I would report every trainer I work for when I see them doing milk shaking, drugging, soring etc. The ones I mentioned are done the most to the Thoroughbreds’. Let’s put a REAL stop to this epidemic on these Thoroughbreds. I would like to educate the public about what really goes on behind the scenes on the backside. Also trainers’ that are caught should be fined (a stiff penalty), taking their license(s) away from every track they run at, no way of communicating with assistant trainers or any owners via cell text or email and not being able to use any other paperwork to get into the backside to check on their charges (Thoroughbreds’). I have several friends’ who work on the backside and they tell me what goes on constantly. I would have no fear about reporting on these trainers’ at all.

  • Wendy says:

    Tears and nausea.
    Please help educate people about this.

  • I work with 2 horse rescue organizations in Northern California. While it is important to talk about the physical abuses that these animals endure, we should also discuss the other abuses. It can 3 years + to rehabilitate and re-train a horse that has been through the industry. Losers usually end up at Mexican slaughterhouses. Winners end up there, also.
    More than 40,000 race horses are born each year. Even Kentucky Derby winners end up at the slaughterhouse if they do not perform in the breeding sheds. Horseracing is simply the meat industry with some wagering in between.

  • Antonio Martinez says:

    Basta ya de crueldad y maltrato a los caballos en EEUU.

  • Heidy says:

    I can not look to this animal abuse and I will never go to horse race because it is all voor money! Please help to stop this!

  • Diana says:

    I gasped at the treatment of these beautiful horses. I used to be under the illusion that winning horses were treated with extra care. NOW I know the truth!

  • Rae Rennie says:

    Could it get any worse? These are beautiful, talented animals…….do the people involved in this ‘sport’ have no feeling for the horses?

  • This is why I refuse to watch or like horse racing. My husband had several horses in the horse racing industry and that was all he thought of. I just refused to go to the track. I saw what was done to the horses to make them run faster. Not nice.

  • Horsehaters they must be, all these race fanatics. Or maybe the are moneylovers, even stronger MONEY is probably their only GOD!!!

  • Becky Lippmann says:

    People become so obsessed that they hinder and injure the very thing they are trying to accomplish. Horse racing and all other animal racing must be banned. Animal racing has become an inhumane act for all animals involved.

  • Barbara Standard says:


  • jsp53 says:

    It is so very obvious that the owners and caretakers of these beautiful creatures, ( who were in fact our first mode of transportation in young America) …are all whores for money. They do not care if the animal is driven beyond its capacity, blood coming from their lungs.The use of drugs should be outlawed immediately.The rules and laws applying to the treatment of these animals must change.They are trapped and helpless by the worse predators crawling on this earth….mankind ,all dressed up in his glory,but just a beast beneath the surface. Speak up for the helpless. They have no voice of their own.

  • Gli umani trasformano tutte le azioni in azioni cattive e ci trascinano dentro gli essri indifesi… E’ una grande viltà!!!
    Si deve assolutamente porre fine a tutto questo con leggi severe e punizioni esemplari

  • belleup1 says:

    It’s all about greed. Those poor horses are beaten from the start to the finish by the jockeys. That is abuse, yet, for centuries, people have been spending thousands of dollars to watch this. So, it’s not a big surprise that the horse owners go to extremes and use illegal drugs, starting them at an early age, inject the soreness just to keep the horse going, and don’t care whether the horse gets injured, dies, or has to be put down. They are willing to take the chance just to try to win big. It’s sickening, in-humane and nothing is done about it. These horses are cast a death sentence from the beginning they are delivered to the owners. It’s not about taking care of their investment, it’s about winning. Horse racing use to be exciting to watch, horses didn’t drop dead on the track or fall and break legs, but it’s as cruel as watching a dog fight, an animal is going to loose and pay with its life.

  • Sam says:

    If it weren’t for PETA, I would still love to watch horse races, and go on horse back rides. Now I realize I supported something horrific. I even had to look away at parts of this video, because it was so sad. Good thing that I learned all of this at a young age!

  • Kirsi Eskola says:

    I couldn’t watch the video. That is so horrible. Man is evil.

  • Carol-Ann says:

    Where money is involved, humans have no conscience !!!

  • Sofia Ruggia ( Ma Deva Bindu ) says:

    Mio Dio, che livello basso gli umani, e tutto questo per soldi e divertimento.Proibire subito queste pratiche disumane.Grazie

  • Crudeltà assoluta. Bisogna farla finita. È un orrore.

  • kathleen says:

    oh boy what next

  • jesica says:

    no tenia idea que en las carreras de caballos tenia tal exigencia al punto de pasar por encima el bienestar del animal, pense que los amaban y cuidaban… claro que estoy en contra de esto, si la exigencia pasa por encima de la salud y el ienestar del caballo, obviamente me parece una salvajada sin limite

  • Patricia Martin says:

    there should be a law against using drugs on horses, they never used them before so why now? this is cruel and inhumane you are putting both horse and rider life in danger.

  • Tierra Chapman says:

    Custom will reconcile people to ANY atrocity! We are long overdue to come out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st century with our thinking and our treatment of non-human beings, including horses of all kinds. Making sure horses aren’t drugged is no longer enough. Horse racing, along with other explotation of these magnificent beings, cannot end soon enough.

  • I love horses, their beauty and grace. I’ve always enjoyed watching the worse races on tv, but have never gone to race track or bet on any races. It’s inconceivable to me that this abuse/mistreatment continues to go on year after year. Not only do the laws need to be stronger, the penalties do too (much).

  • John Hanford says:

    C’mon, grow up people. I’m Irish enough to love horses, but appalled by the abuse these wonderful creatures endure. But I admit; sitting in bleachers watching a horse race seemed a most boring non-atheltic event that I could imagine. It ain’t worth it – find a new betting addition. Karl Kassel, a most intelligent commentator and sports writer/critic once made a most memorable broadcast after a filly had to put down – on the track, with a tent protecting the stands from the view – on the track after the Kentucky Derby, I think it was. He explained that the year’s racing schedule was guaranteed to cause injuries; most taxing races held first in the season, etc. Although I think Mr. Kassel feels a bit melancholic at the passing of the age horse racing enthusiasm, to me It’s all just basically the s****

  • Andrea e says:

    I was in the horse business for many years. The hardest thing to keep a horse sound !! It’s not just racing but Gated, Jumpers, all show horses. The horses r pushed beyond their limits. It’s all a DIRT

  • Kim says:

    Stop this BS race crap it is unnecessary and stupid!!! Inhumane!!! what they do when no one is looking. Wish tables were turned and the people committing the crime on these poor horses wish something bad upon them!!! Again Stupid humans… If the world was made up on only animals It would be an awesome place….

  • Audrey Lee says:

    This is so sad and sickening, it hurts my heart. I will NEVER attend a horse race and I would most certainly never bet on one. The ignorance and apathy of some humans astounds me.

  • Vivian Beckerle says:

    Such beautiful creatures abused and killed for entertainment. I am horrified and traumatized. I love to see horses run, but not under a whip and not with drugs in them. They must be allowed to run as they were created to do. They are not toys. They are living beings. If we don’t stop this, we are immoral.

  • Mrs G Millard says:

    Absolutely disgusting !

  • I worked or a horse race track in Dallas about 4yrs ago and it was horrible to watch! especially the horse coming in 2nd its like they are beaten even worse to try and get that 1st place 🙁 The last race of the season was the worst! There is a pond and the horse hit the rail the jockey flew off and the horse fell in the pond! Eveyone just kept asking what happened to the horse where is it. We all just watched it fall in the pond and then they replay it over and over and over for these people and they keep asking as if they are dumb and didnt know the horse was now dead and in the pond still!

  • Mari Hill says:

    OMG the cruel treatment of those poor horses. Its cruel and unnecessary, for the entertainment and pleasure of uncaring people. If they were cared for properly, it might not be so bad..but gluing hoofs, giving drugs and racing them when they are ill….it needs to be stopped.

  • If there’s going to be horse racing, it must be humane, otherwise ban it!

  • [TEXT DELETED] says:

    Oh my gosh this is so sad

    • Heart breaking cruelty to such a faithful and fantastic creature created by God. PLEASE PLEASE STOP THIS CRUELTY. THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND IS RIGHT INTO HER HORSE RACING, SHE MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.