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Hoppy Holidays for Rabbits! More Than a Dozen Retailers Ban Angora Wool

Written by Chrissy Matthies | December 20, 2013

They were the screams heard ’round the world. When PETA Asia released its shocking undercover video footage showing how workers violently rip the fur out of angora rabbits’ writhing bodies, customers shared the video widely, vowed never to wear angora again, and contacted stores and designers in droves demanding that they stop buying the product. The retailers listened, and the list of stores that are making their customers and rabbits happy this Christmas is a long one.

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More than a dozen companies have completely banned angora, including:

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing the video, contacting retailers, and helping us win this historic victory for rabbits. Please help keep the campaign going full steam ahead by asking Gap Inc. to ban angora as well.

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  • Miranda MacInnes says:

    This made me cry with joy. But as the demand dries up for this product, what will happen to the angora rabbits?

  • karen says:

    and so they should.. what they do to rabbits is soooo disturbing.. heartless.. cruel… evil… how can they live with themselves. ..! !!!!

  • Seema says:

    I found Angora products on Macy’s online store .. Macy’s needs to stop selling Angora products ASAP or they will lose loyal customers like myself

  • Nicole says:

    Recently I purchased a sweater from Le Chateau. I never tried it on but when I got home I put it on and found it quite itchy. This lead me to check the tag to see what was in the sweater that was making me itchy. Amongst the list I noticed that there was 17% Angora wool in the product and I couldn’t believe it! I returned the sweater today and I have been tweeting back and forth with LeChateauStyle asking them when they are going to stop using Angora rabbit in their clothing and here was their response: “Hi Nicole, As you may already be aware, we have a strict no-fur corporate policy in place. Animal cruelty is as unacceptable to us as it is to you. Le Chateau’s angora products are sourced exclusively from vendors that harvest the hairs using a shearing process that does not harm or kill the animal. Thank you.” I have since then replied back to them and sent them a graphic video of a rabbit being sheared and I sure hope they have the volume turned up so they can hear it scream. It’s so important that we keep on sharing the message to these retailers that this is just not acceptable and that we will stop sit back while they profit from torturing animals. Keep on fighting for the animals that don’t have a voice and keep on sharing these messages!

  • Melissa says:

    What about Topshop? I have seen new angora stock in store. Also I have seen angora products on ASOS recently

  • mm says:

    My 15 yr old daughter was coveting a sweater I just bought from Anthropologie made of angora. She also suggested I check to see how angora is obtained. The sweater is going back to Anthropologie with my comments. It was made by Moth, in China : <

  • ajg says:

    And John Lewis have banned angora great news.

  • Just been into River island , they are selling angora products. Won’t be shopping there again !

  • Heather Hird says:

    I’ve just checked Top Shops NEW stock on line and there is Angora products.

  • Sarah Elliott says:

    So, so cruel. Please, please stop this terrible cruelty to rabbits – or to any animal for that matter. It’s quite heartbreaking. PLEASE STOP.

  • Christa says:

    Le chateau is still selling these! Almost all their sweaters are made from it. Please stop!!!! =(

  • Sarah says:

    Victorias secret’s website is still selling angora fur sweaters ): I emailed them and they responded “As you know, L Brands is a cruelty-free company. We have confirmed with our production team that the rabbit hair used in some of our sweaters is acquired through humane means that do not cause harm to the animal. All other “fur” look merchandise that we feature consists of faux fur.”

  • Mary Mitchell says:

    On Dec 27 the Daily Mail reported GAP and ZARA have suspended the purchase of angora products pending further investigation.

  • Kimberley Skinner says:

    Primark is still selling angora (my comment yesterday was not submitted??) – apparently (according to their reply email which was automated) they are selling old stock and will not be buying any more, whilst an investigation goes ahead into the farming of angora – so if they consider it ethical/humane will they start buying it again!? Not happy with Primark, you don’t expect to buy angora for £15, cruelty costs! Maybe that’s why it was only 4%, because they’re trying to keep costs down whilst catering to that ‘market’ of vein humans who think that cruelty to non-human animals is acceptable if it is for our gain 🙁 now I have a lovely jumper covered in cute bunnies which real bunnies were tortured and murdered for 🙁

    • pikapika says:

      Same goes for other retail companies, when there is no excuse for finding ‘lop holes’ and claiming that they are supposedly supporting the cause when they continue selling the garments that contain angora! And what are their excuses? To continue selling the existing stock until it has sold out. Is that really doing any justice, or is it just too difficult to just stop the sales of the garments completely? Is this more about profits than it is animal rights? Other retail companies have done stopped using angora, but why is it so difficult for the likes of Primark and River Island to compile? Instead, they are allowing their customers to purchase their items without any informative details such as ‘what the material of and from which animal, where exactly is it sourced from and using what specific methods’. If the public knew the truth behind the jumpers that keeping them warm, then perhaps these companies wouldn’t be waiting until the items sold out.

  • Ashie says:

    God Bless everybunny and all the animals – I hope people stop using animals and start using natural green resources like cotton and other fabrics that doesnt involve suffering of any animal – they deserve a better n happy life

  • missyaloah says:

    Just discovered about angora and bunnies and I am shocked after seeing what these poor little creatures go through. Their screem break my heart…went through my closet and found a DKNY shirt with angora….I never paid attention before but will do from now on. Gosh I feel so guilty and promess myself to do something about it!

  • Caroline Peters says:

    Have just spoken to Chelmsford branch as angora still on the shelves. They will sell the stock they have but not be buying in any more. As for the farmed rabbits, if production does stop it will not save them sadly as there is 5 million in China, but hopefully it will stop the breeding and subsequent torture of future generations

  • karen kim says:

    I’m so happy to hear this news. I pray that the bunnies will ultimately go free, and find loving homes. My heart aches for them, until then.

    • Caroline Peters says:

      Sadly with 5 million in China this will never be a happy ending, but hopefully it will stop the breeding & continuation of this horrific and barbaric act

  • mariam says:

    Please check out springfield, they also sell angora products,i have seen some clothes in their shops with angora!! We have to stop this also!!!!

  • Lily says:

    As a bunny owner and animal lover, and decade long vegetarian, if I ever see angora ANYTHING in a store I will immediately walk out and boycott the store until it’s banned. And tell all my friends why I’m never shopping there again. That is a promise.

  • Valerie Brown says:

    Fantastic news…, god bless peta., god bless the bunnies

  • E says:

    How come there’s no campaign against Macy’s and their fur department?

  • Emily says:

    I emailed both UNIQLO Japan and UNIQLO USA regarding the angora fur because they always have angora products at their stores but none of them responded.

  • Jayna says:

    I emailed CS at Victoria Secret to remove all items that are made of Angora, especially if they are telling the public they no longer sell them.
    Although I have been a VS shopper for as long as I can remember, I will not purchase anything from them as long as they contribute to such horrific cruelty.

  • Georgina says:

    Have all these retailers definitely removed all angora items off their shelves? I heard that they hadn’t!

  • Sylvia van Oostrum says:


  • Julie Martenson says:

    Hey J Crew guess who is about to cancel her card!

  • Josie says:

    Forever21 is saying that they no longer sell angora. They also say they’re working with PETA.

    • Morgon says:

      I ran into f21 shortly before Christmas to grab a warm sweater. I didn’t check the tag or try it on, and I unwittingly purchased a 25% angora sweater, which I can’t wear due to sensitivity to fabrics and texture, and also ethics. I gave the sweater to a friend, and went back after Christmas to get a new sweater. The sweater I purchased before was still on the racks, being sold. I’m not sure if their “fur free” applies to clothes being produced from here on in, or all clothes, including those in stores. I didn’t even know they sold angora products until I bought that sweater, and now I’m unsure of my opinion of them…

  • laura says:

    i also have sent a personal message to Victoria’s secret please lets all join together to help theses big companies see sense do not let them fool us with lies.

  • Does anyone know if Old Navy sells Angora? I pray to God no. I don’t buy any clothing made in China.

  • Ashley says:

    I have been in contact with Forever21 (as they have angora products as well). They continue to send out ‘copy and pasted’ messages to people stating they are a ‘fur free facility and they are working with PETA’. However, no official statement has been released, and their products do currently have angora in them. When I asked if I could speak to someone who is actually aware of the materials in their products they ignored me and never responded.

  • Chaya says:

    I suggest you go to M&S web site and see there few items made with Angora, including under the title ‘new items’.
    When asked about it on their Facebook page they claimed that they were waiting for their inspectors to check the situation and report back…

  • Germina Ivan says:

    what about Winners (TJX, Marshalls)they sell a lot of angora products made in China

  • Mary Nieciecka says:

    I still see angora sweater on the Victoria’s Secret website? I immediately sent them an email asking them why these were not pulled. Everyone, please do the same.

  • Thanks Peta. I am feeling proud for you. Thanks so much for help Angora Rabbits….I hope that tortured had finished for these amazing babes….Thanks…