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Feds Slap Primate Prison With Heavy Fine

Written by PETA | January 17, 2012
Chadica| cc by 2.0

There’s good news today in a case we told you about in May 2010: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has hit the Texas Biomedical Research Institute—formerly the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research—with a fine of more than $25,000 over serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The facility has repeatedly allowed primates to escape from their cages and injure themselves and others, including humans.

The stiff fine comes after PETA filed a formal complaint with the agency in 2010 after two baboons imprisoned at Texas Biomed escaped from their cages, injuring an employee in the process. The fine also covers an incident from 2009 in which a juvenile rhesus macaque monkey escaped from a cage and then spent the night in below-freezing temperatures. He suffered from hypothermia and had to be euthanized. 

But quite apart from the satisfaction of seeing these primate torturers pay at least a small price for their misdeeds, these penalties are an important reminder to heartless experimenters everywhere that abusing animals can cost them more than karma points. 

But since karma is on our side, let’s keep the momentum going. Texas Biomed is notorious for being one of the last laboratories in the world that still torments chimpanzees in cruel and invasive experiments.

You can do your part to help protect primates—just click here to ask your congressional representatives to cosponsor and support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act today, which would end experiments on chimpanzees at Texas Biomed and elsewhere.  

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  • Carrie Nutter says:

    Please have a heart for all animals. Please stop these cruel and unnecessary experiments.

  • Sabrina says:

    It is truly heartbreaking that these amazing creatures have to endure the unending pain and torture of labs. Please stop these tests immediately! What right do humans have to be so cruel to poor defenseless animals. It makes me so sick to think of the pain and lonliness these animsls have to endure everyday.

  • Sheila Asencio says:

    Please STOP experimenting on chimpanzees and other primates. We might have only a small suggested nucleotide difference of 1-2%, which is largely based on the comparison of non-protein-coding DNA, however a large portion of about 98% of human genome is known to be non-protein-coding DNA. Now, beside those few facts, scientist have studied the similarities and differences of proteins among humans and all apes and although we have a list of some identical proteins, on the other hand, KIR receptor genes and mitochondrial proteins cannot be analyze because of difficulties in detecting orthologous relationship. In short, although nucleotide sequence identity between humans and chimpanzees is very high, only 20% percent of proteins are identical, and 80 of proteins are different. Thus all apes studies must stop. It is not only inhumane, but also inaccurate/unreliable to humans and unnecessary, often pointless and repetitive laboratory experiment. Researches for “beauty market” it is just the ultimate insult in the name of ignorance, greed and vanity. More over the whole world know about all the sadness and cruelties that these poor apes have to endure under the sadistic ownership of humans, why can’t research facilities use instead alternative methods, simulating machines, human cells for studies or invitro, just to mention few? Maybe because it is more expensive? Perhaps it is, but it is morally and ethically corrects, humane and accurate. So here are some of my thoughts in this subject. I must insist to PLEASE STOP RESEARCHES, EXPERIMENTATION AND BREEDING PROGRAMS OF APES AND OTHER ANIMALS, AND PLEASE RELEASE CHIMPANZEES TO SANCTUARIES.

  • Alice says:

    There is no social value, monetary nor medical, in these crimes! Only the labs stand to gain, while animals suffers and no cures are found. What is this, the Dark Ages?!!

  • Nicholas Dimitriadis says:


  • Carol Boreham says:

    My sister sent me this info and although in UK I’ve forwarded to my MP and others in the area. Someone needs to help these guys closest to man. This is not right.

  • George Mendoza says:

    Please stop cruelty

  • p says:

    end this atrocity. doesn.t anyone ha ve a heart or soul??

  • lila lahalih says:

    please help end this immediatley!!

  • Joyce McDonnell says:

    I called the DC offices of my senators and congressman today. Thank you, PETA for keeping me informed. If enough voices are heard, changes do happen!

  • Abigail Andrade says:

    Good work PETA!!!!!!

  • Rita Casolari says:

    You are the best PETA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andres says:

    freedom for all primates

  • Maxine Dunbar says:

    you could find a better way to experiment than to torture innocent animals. Shame on you. Maxine Dunbar

  • Norma says:

    You are the best PETA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SUSAN says:


  • Life Insurance Quotes says:

    I just filled out the form and sent it. I feel real good about this one. I like to think that this is the karma.

  • Julie Robertson says:

    Good work Peta!