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World Premiere: Chrissie Hynde’s Music Video Inspired by Dogs’ Love

Written by Guest Blogger | May 12, 2014

Editor’s note: The following was written by singer Chrissie Hynde.

Chrissie Hynde press imagesWe’ve all heard plenty of songs about relationships, both good and bad. But in my personal experience—and that of seemingly everyone I know—the lifetime of devotion that dogs give is incomparable to that of humans. My new music video, which was filmed in Spain, tells a love story between a man and his dog. After seeing the documentary LA Stories: City of Dogs, I told my director, Steve Glashier, that I wanted to make a video for everyone who has ever loved a dog and had their love returned tenfold.

Please enjoy the premiere presentation of “You or No One”:

If you were moved by this video, please hug your dog, tell your pooch that you love him or her, and take your canine buddy for a long walk. Every day. Our dogs deserve it.

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  • M says:

    Chrissie Hynde is incredible, as is this video. Her new album is amazing.

  • Deanna Rhoads says:

    My sweet, brilliant, clownishly and intensely loving soul mate dog companion of 13 ++ years is now crippled and dying from a spinal nerve disorder but still has the will to live, have fun and love ever more. I have been criticized, ridiculed and avoided for spending 19 hours of every 24 mainly just taking care of her as one would an aging, disabled spouse or parent.
    The simplicity and beauty of Chrissie’s video tells the tale of our love story.
    Thank you Chrissie!

  • Traci Holt says:

    This song made me cry for I had a Chow Chow I lost, after my fiancée pasted away in a car accident. Thank You, Chrissie the song & video it touched my heart. Love & Peace

  • Julie Swanson Davis says:

    Crissie, I’ve been a fan since 1982 and grew up with you. Now, I have another reason to saw “I love that woman” – she’s a dog lover, too!

  • This is a well timed PSA for all Humankind. unconditional acceptance gets skewed rediscover what it means by interacting with your dogs.

  • Lori Rollner says:

    What a touching song. I love it! Thanks Chrissie for all the great lyrics throughout the years. From one animal lover to another.

  • Barbara says:

    Awesome rendition of how a lot of us feel about out pets and the rest of nature. THANK YOU!

  • ‘allow your
    to become
    ‘allow your
    to become

    “you or no one!!”
    dont forget dogs is god spelled backwards!!
    dont forget dogs is god spelled backwards!!

  • carol chang says:

    the song was wonderful loved it

  • Luisa Solinas says:

    Dogs are kinder than humans. My beautiful and unforgettable Samoyed Bianca taught me that. I will never forget her. Good job with the video and the song.

  • Carol-Ann Lamothe says:

    LOVE IT <3

  • Donna Duncan says:

    beautiful – so heart warming! Thanks Christy, I’m a huge fan of yours as well!

  • Shade Burnett says:

    Love the song, Chris. Wish we could get together again sometime. Life is so short.

  • Jaqueline L. says:

    Beautiful testament to the unparalleled bond between dogs {as well as other pets} and their owners. We all need to appreciate how fabulous and loving these creatures are. Kudos & thanks Chrissie~ You rock!

  • Thuy Hang Tran says:

    You wonder if you are the best person is this world ask your dog!
    You dog is the only one who love you morethan himself!
    Beautiful song Chrissie Hynde.BRAVO!

  • dennisse says:

    it’s beautiful

  • Jim says:

    Beautiful song capturing The Pretenders poetic lyrics and sound–love the message. The word dog read in a mirror is dogs true nature, unrelenting unconditional love. We need to love them equally!

  • Great song about the love between you and your dog(s) !! Thanks Chrissie !

  • Patricia Long says:

    I loved this video!

  • Lynne Rgw says:

    Oh it’s great! One man and his dog 🙂 we have a 5 month old humbug she is so funny, her name is Chloe, and will always Always love her to bits! Lol

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