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Update: Roadside Zoo Operator Posts Photos of Dead Birds, Raises More Questions

Written by PETA | March 20, 2014

The death toll at The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park (“G.W. Zoo”) seems to be growing: Earlier this month, the G.W. Zoo posted disturbing photos on its Facebook page of two blue-and-yellow macaws and a Goffin’s cockatoo lying dead at the bottom of filthy cages. The photos show the birds surrounded by disintegrating newspapers and excrement, with no trace of food or water visible. The cockatoo had apparently plucked the feathers from his chest—something that birds do when sick or distressed. Based on the photos, it’s likely that the birds suffered from neglect, trauma, stress, starvation, and dehydration before they died.

The photos and their captions suggest that at the time of their deaths, the birds were exhibited by Schreibvogel, who would have had a clear duty to ensure that they received adequate food, water, and veterinary care and that they did not suffer. PETA is calling on the local sheriff’s office and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to investigate these apparent violations of Oklahoma and federal law and to hold all responsible parties accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We’ll keep you updated as the case unfolds.

Originally posted March 18, 2014:

Once again, notorious animal exhibitor Joe Schreibvogel appears to have run afoul of the law. This time, a female chimpanzee named Bongo died under suspicious circumstances at The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park (“G.W. Zoo“), which Schreibvogel operates.

Schreibvogel documented his discovery of Bongo’s body and his actions thereafter in a bizarre video he posted on YouTube entitled, “The Death of a Friend.” While the video includes several scenes of Schreibvogel yelling at and insulting his staff and firing a warning gunshot to scare off Bongo’s male cage mate, it does not show whether or not anyone ever called a veterinarian for Bongo either before or after she died.

The video does not suggest that Schreibvogel did anything for Bongo besides making a rudimentary, unskilled attempt at CPR (which was almost certainly pointless, since Bongo was likely long past reviving at that point) and then promptly burying her.

The fact that Schreibvogel fired a gun to scare off the male chimpanzee suggests that the two primates may have been incompatible (which would be a violation of federal law) and that the male may have had something to do with Bongo’s death. If the animals had indeed been fighting, it would be nothing new for Schreibvogel. During a PETA undercover investigation at G.W. Zoo in 2006, we documented many fights between incompatible animals, often resulting in serious injuries. Animals were routinely hit, kicked, sprayed with cold water, struck with rakes and shovels, and blasted with fire extinguishers to break up frequent fights. In one gruesome attack, a lion’s front leg was torn off and eaten by two tigers.

PETA has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) asking it to investigate the cause of Bongo’s death and Schreibvogel’s subsequent actions.

What You Can Do

Please join PETA in contacting the USDA, and ask that the agency not renew G.W.’s federal license.

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  • MAr says:

    I just watched the Louis Theroux documentary where GW was interwied and Im disgusted for the way that he said that he would kill all the animals if the zoo had to close down, I think everybody should watch this documentary
    I feel disgusted and sad, this man is sick and He should never get his licence again.
    Why is he allowed to continue??
    You just need to go to his Facebook and you would see that his organisation it is profitable.

  • Denise Carey-Costa says:

    Close this zoo down now!!

  • Joni werthan says:

    These exhibits need to be shut down and made illegal …

  • Elisabeta says:

    Yes, I will say close all the zoo’s down!!!

  • Nikki Warden says:

    This is absolutely discusting how can this be allowed to go on ? Something needs to be done. Garold wayne needs locking up and his ‘zoo’ shutting down immediately!

  • This man Schreibvogel should have all his licenses revoked, all the animals removed from his care and should be stopped from owning or caring for animals ever again.

  • jimmy houle says:

    I just cant believe this place has not been shut down yet !

  • annie bennett says:

    please revoke his license, he is unfit to handle animals. this is really disturbing and equals animal cruelty.

  • Maja says:

    Stop this torture!

  • Karen says:

    Animals are treated so poorly, due to the human animal who captured & don’t know how to love and care for them! Close this zoo, and all zoo’s. Animals life should be free to roam, not locked in a zoo!

  • Victoria Scamehorn says:

    What this shows is someone running a zoo that is COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT and truly cares nothing for the welfare of the animals. His LICENSE should be suspended permanently and the caretakers fired.

  • Please revoke the license before more animals die.That man should have to pay to get them moved to a better place or go to jail.

  • Lorraine Lind says:

    Shut him down forever.Do not renew his license.

  • Rebecca says:

    These acts are atrocious! Why are there not stiffer penalties and jail time for animal abusers! It’s 2014!!

  • Beti says:

    Do not renew!

  • Jelena says:

    Do not renew their licence!

  • Revoke the license! This is unacceptable. Legal actions and fines should be imposed!

  • Kris Buckley says:

    Joe is a nut case. I spent a day working at his “zoo” about 5 years ago with a friend who was an employee there. The staff seemed to know very little about caring for exotic wildlife and the cages were inadequate. They had a truck that went to all the grocery stores in the metro and took the meat they were no longer able to sell. While I was there I helped separate it into trash cans for different species of carnivores. The meat was old and some spoiled. Yet they separated it and stored it for later anyway
    A few years before that Joe walked into a local gay nightclub with a tiger on a chain. He was quickly asked to leave and made a scene as if he’d done nothing wrong. This fool needs to be denied the right to keep wildlife.

  • Get the animals to a safe environment first, then deal with him, as he is abusive I worry for their safety if he seeks retaliation.

  • JCruz says:

    That guy is terrible for letting any of that happen, he must be held accountable, revolked of his animal license and punished for negligence of these incredible creatures. Justice must be served, these animals did not deserve such harsh conditions.

  • brooke says:

    It’s Unbelievable how they treat those animals in such a way! Please don’t let this continue 🙁

  • Gail says:

    We live here in Oklahoma. We have been there. It is horrible! This place has to be shut down! Please take a few minutes & write an email to the USDA, the animals NEED US TO HELP
    It is very easy to do, right above theses comments it says “What Can I Do”, click on the word USDA it will take you to their email!!

  • Kiran says:

    Do not renew the license

  • S. Dykhuis says:

    Please do not renew Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Parks federal license.

    It is inhumane for anyone to treat a living being this way. As a species, we must resolve to protect and treat humanely all living creatures. Allowing people to have such licenses is abomination.

  • Mike Yochim says:

    Sent an email to the USDA demanding that the GW Zoo’s be pulled and the zoo closed.

  • Laurrette Lavallee says:

    Take his liscence away!!!

  • Robyn Luongo says:


  • Alex says:

    These photos sadly speak for themselves. GW Zoo has proven they are irresponsible and unfit to care for animals. Revoke their license!

  • A terrible reflection of those that issued the licence in the first place! Why isn’t this place monitored? There would be NO reason to renew, no reason at all!!!

  • kerri says:

    the only reason this guy calls this trash hole a zoo is because he is unwilling to adhere to the guidelines of a sanctuary. i am definitely on board to do what ever it takes to rescue these innocent animals and put this guy in prison where he belongs.

  • nan cy lauzon says:

    Why is this legally allowed?

  • teresa says:

    Revoke, revoke, revoke! !!!!!!!

  • Claire page says:

    Please take away this guys license, he has no scruples!

  • Why would this sick zoo owner post these photos?. You would think this person would want to hide this not advertise it.

  • harim says:

    Stop Animal cruelty

  • Please revoke his license! Animals and birds are suffering needlessly!

  • Kara Hall says:

    Not long ago he was in the news about
    Rescuing a bear. And breading new kinds of lions. In October
    one of his helpers got her arm bit off. Seems like there is always something going on. He is way above his means. And needs a way out.

  • Pat says:

    Revoke his license!

  • nadine johnston says:

    please don’t review this gw licence as too many are dying due to neglect

  • Diana says:

    unbelievable that this guy can actually have a license ! get him out..and never let him have another license. Clearly GW Zoo is unfit to have any animal in its care.

  • This is atrocious. How can anyone work for him. I would rather take the beating than stand by andlet anyone hurt one of gods nimals. This man should be in jail.

  • Jacqueline Rathbone says:

    Do not renew the licence for GW Zoo. They clearly are unfit to be in charge of animals.

  • MammaMia says:

    Animal abuse at GW Zoo? Oh, please, tell me something new! This is absolutely shocking! They don’t deserve to be running anymore, enough animals have already suffered there! Do NOT renew their licence! How many animals need to die and suffer before that disgusting place can finally be closed?

  • Linde Whitney says:

    I emailed and asked them to close down this torture chamber.

  • What was the Zoo Caretakers think, that the chimp will be ok? We need doctors if we are ill in the form of physical, emotional, or any other problem, so why are the zoos’ being stupid? The reason is that the caretakers’ don’t care about the animals, and the animals feelings. As far as I am concerned, the animals in the world are just as much like us and need to be helped. The zoo officials should be held accountable and not be issued their rights to have the zoo any longer. These animals being caged are there for some dumb person’s money type greed of going and getting them, and returning, and selling the animals to the zoos’, and they never see if the animal had been ill, or has some other problems, and should have been left in their habitat. If this person is to keep the zoo open, the best way to shut it down is not go there, because they need our money to stay open, and this is where the government will step up to the plate and have every animal tested, and hopefully released back into the wild were thy belong.

  • They should never get their license back… its disgusting!!!! Heartless people!!!! SICK!!!!

  • Jan says:

    What I emailed. Copy and send. Thanks!

    Please do not renew Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Parks federal license.   They do not deserve a license to further kill and abuse animals all in the name of greed.

    Thank you.

  • I sent an email via the link, it took 2 minutes and may help in the welfare and surviving animals at this so called zoo. Please take 2 minutes and do the same.

  • I would like to sign a petition

  • Mukesh says:

    Is there any petition or letter we can send to the concerned authorities for not renewing the license?