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Breeder Wants to Sell More Dogs to Labs

Written by PETA | August 29, 2011

A U.S. company that breeds dogs for sale to laboratories has lost its first round in an effort to expand its operations in the U.K.

B&K Universal in Yorkshire is owned by New York–based Marshall Farms, which has been repeatedly cited for federal Animal Welfare Act violations. B&K applied for planning permission to open a new facility where dogs would be confined to indoor kennels. The females would be repeatedly impregnated, and their puppies would be sold to laboratories for use in painful toxicity tests and other experiments, perhaps similar to those conducted at Professional Laboratory and Research Services, which PETA investigated last year.

Following a massive outpouring of opposition—including more than 2,000 letters from PETA U.K. supporters—the local council rejected B&K’s application. Now, B&K is attempting to bypass opposition by appealing to the Planning Inspectorate, a national body.

PETA U.K. is rallying supporters and will hold an eye-catching demonstration at the Inspectorate’s office. Please help dry up the demand for animal-tested products by telling everyone you know to support only cruelty-free companies


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Delfina says:


  • Darcy says:

    The pain and torture these poor animals go through is disgusting! When will this totally unnessasary torture called vivisection end? How do people look at themselves? Its apparent they have no compassion for suffering.. KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4mula1 says:

    why is it that these people so GULLIBLE.. there not only WRONG but they SHOULB BE.. because, they DONT want to hear BOTH sides of ani res. BEFORE making a decision, look what they missed by not listening to us, over 95% of u.s. medical schools no longer offer animal lab,, practice surgery was outlawed years ago in uk, do these people STILL believe the world is flat?…

  • noreen says:

    im sick to the pit of my stomach with these monsters who hurt animals.i believe in karma you are monsters and i hope your day will come and soon im glad ive compassion for animals to me its an quality im proud of

  • paula says:

    This is disturbing and disgusting. Greed and cruelty. Those poor dogs and puppies. VIVISECTION NEEDS TO END. I don’t understand how those people can look at themselves in the mirror.

  • Marshall Farms says:

    The name Marshall Farms implies that you are indeed farming, but you’re not. You are BREEDING. Condeming these poor creatures to a life filled with inhumane practices and torture. Please rethink your position on experimentation on live animals and cease providing labs and research services with any more animals, dogs, cats or any other living, feeling creature. Sincerely, Nancy Rapp

  • Stephanie Murphy says:

    People you have got to be kidding me. This is plain cruelty! Do you care what these animals feel? Do you understand their fear and pain? No amount of money is worth what they go through. Please stop what you are doing!