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Feds Report Animals Still Suffering at Lazy 5 Ranch

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | April 29, 2014

The saga at North Carolina’s Lazy 5 Ranch continues. Just weeks after we alerted the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to a visitor’s report that giraffes at the roadside zoo were suffering from overgrown hooves, the agency concurred. Lazy 5 has been written up yet again. This is the same outfit that previously let at least two giraffes suffer from this potentially debilitating condition for more than a year. The report, which just became publicly available, also cites Lazy 5 for allowing unsupervised contact between animals and the public—including a visitor who placed a small child on the roof of his car so that the child could feed a giraffe.

Lazy Acres Overgrown Giraffe Hooves

The feds have had the owner of the facility, Henry Hampton, under investigation for more than three and a half years. According to the USDA, the latest problems include keeping endangered ring-tailed lemurs in a virtually barren barn and failing to maintain records for more than a dozen animals, including two animals who went missing.

Hampton, the owner of both Lazy 5 Ranch and another decrepit roadside zoo in Ohio, has dozens of past violations of federal animal-protection laws, including allowing a giraffe to die after getting her head stuck in an improperly closed gate and allowing a baboon to suffer from a swollen and oozing eye for at least 17 months.

What You Can Do

Never include roadside zoos on your family’s summer vacation itinerary.

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  • Denise Bowen says:

    Criminal! USDA needs to get their act together and start doing their job! Quit going after small organic farms and farmers and start cleaning up these horrific situations.

  • Suzann Rowe says:

    I don’t know why I open these stories it makes me so sad and helpless! What cruel and senseless agony these animals suffer at the hands of people who are only interested in making money from them. All children in this day have books and pictures of our wildlife…we don’t need zoos, Sea Worlds, etc. God did not create these beautiful creatures to be imprisoned in cages…many of which are barren and not kept clean. STOP THE INSANITY OF PROMOTING AND TAKING CHILDREN TO THESE PLACES. The animals are not happy!

  • EYG says:

    Sick and tired of the USDA using my “fair share” to do nothing useful. This hell-hole should be closed and the ringleader jailed.

  • Linda Viallet says:

    With all the reports on this man’s cruelty to animals, why is it taking so long to stop it & put him out of business?!

  • Emilie says:

    Why does this man still have these zoo’s? This is rediculous, close his zoo’s and get the animals healthy enough to be released back into their natural habitat! So heartbreaking, what a cold hearted SOB!!