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What about products with labels that say, “No animal testing” but whose manufacturing company is not on PETA’s “don’t test” list?

Labels can be deceptive, so be careful. No specific laws exist regarding cruelty-free labeling of products, so companies can take liberties. While it is unlikely that a company would put blatantly false information regarding its animal-testing practices on its products, statements on labels may be misleading and not fully informative. For example, the labels on Clairol’s Herbal Essences shampoos state that they are not tested on animals. Clairol, however, does test some of its other products on animals. Many companies that do test on animals have some cruelty-free products, but we must boycott all the companies’ products in order to pressure them into putting an end to all animal tests.


If the label on a company’s product says that it is not tested on animals, and you cannot find the company on either of PETA’s lists, please share the company’s contact information with us so that we can formally inquire about the company’s animal-testing policy. Likewise, if you communicate with a company that claims to be cruelty-free, please ask for a statement in writing and copy the statement to PETA. We will determine whether the company meets our cruelty-free criteria. Meanwhile, PETA recommends that you purchase only products made by companies on our “don’t test” list.