Published by Michelle Feinberg.

Have you found the perfect animal-friendly outfit for your next school dance? What cruelty-free nail polish will you wear? What will you do with your ’do? Beauty should never have an ugly side, and that’s why we’ve created the ultimate vegan school dance guide. Whether it’s homecoming or prom, you can pick up many of these items at your local mall or big-box retailer or at a trendy boutique. Compassion looks great on everyone!



Bathroom Necessities

Hair Products

Shoes and Clothing

Pre-Dance Dinner

Post-Dance Munchies

If your school is planning an event at SeaWorld, another marine park, or a shady aquarium, e-mail [email protected] to learn steps you can take to have it moved to an animal-friendly venue.

Sharing is caring: Please pass this guide on to someone who could use some tips on having an animal-friendly school dance. And order materials to share with others.

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How to Organize Your Own Protest

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