Published by Michelle Feinberg.

Have you ever had a frog dissection assignment in a science class? Did you feel uncomfortable, grossed out, and worried about handling or inhaling potentially carcinogenic and toxic preservatives such as formaldehyde? Students shouldn’t have to choose between making a grade and violating their code of ethics. When teachers have students cut up animal corpses, those students can actually become less interested in science.

That gut feeling is your intuition telling you that something is wrong. Frogs used in dissection aren’t collected in nature after they’ve died—they’re taken from their homes, which harms ecosystems, and killed for these lessons. But times are changing. Enter SynFrog, the groundbreaking, hyper-realistic frog model that you can cut into, disembowel, poke around inside, and reuse—no breeding, abducting, killing, or cutting into animals necessary! Every teacher, principal, parent, and student can get behind that, right? 👍

SynDaver SynFrog

The SynFrog is a synthetic dissectible frog model that beats using dead frogs because it saves schools money and actually looks more like a colorful living frog than a single-use cadaver—which has pale, lifeless guts that are hard to tell apart.

And best of all, with SynFrog, there’s none of the cruelty that’s found at places that supply schools with dead animals to dissect, such as Bio Corporation (where PETA documented that workers drowned live pigeons, froze live turtles, and injected live crayfish with latex). No thx.

Each year, at least 3 million frogs are cruelly killed, dissected by students in the U.S., and thrown into the trash. Not only does this practice foster callousness, pose unnecessary health risks, and discourage some students from pursuing careers in science, it’s also an unreliable teaching tool! Dissection labs have prompted students to juggle dead frogs, make dead cats “dance,” jump-rope with intestines, and use dead animals to prank peers. Not really what you want in a school, is it?

More students than ever are opting out of cutting apart animals in class, and some avoid enrolling in courses with dissection labs altogether, proving that new technology (not dead bodies) is the future. Use SynFrog to spare frogs, improve your learning, and ditch toxic chemicals—a win-win-win situation if we’ve ever heard of one. 😊


Animals deserve better, and so do students! We want to partner with your school so students there can use the SynFrog. E-mail us at [email protected] to learn more.

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