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So your animal rights club is up and running, but what’s next? 🤔

It’s time to have some fun! Students join clubs because they want to feel empowered and make a difference, so give the people what they want by working together to plan an activity. These are easy to host, take little effort to plan, and—above all—can help animals and allow club members to have some fun. Plus, once students see what a great time your club is having while also taking compassionate actions, they’ll be eager to join—and there’s power in numbers.

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Engage your club’s members this year with these activities:

1) Hand Out Leaflets

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Leafleting is a super-easy and effective way to speak up for animals at school. Pick a spot with heavy foot traffic, like the cafeteria or locations where students are waiting to be picked up after school.

2) Set Up a Table at Lunch

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Passing out leaflets is great, but add an eye-catching table and you’ll be able to get a bunch of materials to students at once. Make the most of your table by having petitions, pledges, or club signup sheets so you can stay in touch with students once they’ve walked away. Looking for a petition or pledge regarding a specific issue? E-mail us for assistance. (Pro tip: PETA will send you TONS of leaflets and stickers for FREE—just ask us!)

3) Grab Some Chalk

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Grab a box of sidewalk chalk and some members of your club and go to town on sidewalks around your school or community—just make sure you have permission. Chalking is a great form of activism: People will stop to look at the beautiful art you’ve created, but they’ll also be reading the powerful message you’re trying to get across.

4) Organize a Shelter Drive

Students donation drive shelter

Host a shelter drive for cats, dogs, and other animals in your community—all you need is a box. It’s as simple as collecting toys, blankets, food, and other items to donate to your local open-admission shelter. Be sure to lead by example by donating a few things yourself to get the drive started.

5) Get Vegan Options in the Cafeteria

Have you ever wished there were more vegan options in your cafeteria? You aren’t alone. Schools all over the U.S. continue to make the compassionate choice to carry more vegan foods. As a student, your voice is super-important, and every student deserves a healthy lunch. Sometimes, it’s as easy as just asking for more options!

Download PETA’s “Veganize Your Cafeteria” guide for helpful tips to get started.

6) Hold a Vegan Bake Sale

There’s nothing like a bake sale to fundraise and show students how delicious eating vegan can be! Check out our recipe page for some great eats we’ve cooked up in the kitchen. Trust us—if we can bake it, you can, too. 😉

7) Host a Movie Screening

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There are plenty of mainstream movies and documentaries that touch on animal rights. All you have to do is decide which one will attract the most students. It helps to have free vegan snacks for folks to try, too.

Pro tip: Ask a few teachers who support your club to offer their students extra credit for attending.

8) Host a Virtual Presentation With PETA

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Did you know PETA is available for virtual presentations via Skype or Google Hangouts? And if you’re near one of our offices, we might even be able to come to your classroom! Whether the topic is the importance of healthy vegan eating or being an effective advocate for animals, we’re here to chat with you. E-mail us to schedule a presentation.

9) Join ‘Students Opposing Speciesism’

Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS) is a PETA-backed movement led by young people in cities all over the U.S. and Canada who want to take action to challenge the norm and help end speciesism. Our goals are to bring the social justice issue of animal rights to the forefront of people’s minds and create real change by influencing our peers. SOS is here to shape the future, and all young people are welcome to join in this effort. Oppression of any kind is wrong—no matter the species of the victim.   Join here today!


Want extra tips and ideas to get your club more active than ever? Check out PETA’s Student Club Starter Guide.

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