Published by Bridget Dillon.

Have you ever wished you had more vegan options in your cafeteria? You aren’t alone. High schools all over the U.S. continue to make the progressive and animal-friendly choice to carry more vegan foods. As a student, your voice is super-important, and every student deserves a healthy lunch.

Getting healthy vegan options added to your cafeteria is often as easy as simply asking, but if that doesn’t work, with a little help from PETA, you can learn how to get your campaign started.

For helpful tips, download PETA’s “Veganize Your Cafeteria” guide!pdf guide vegan lunch schoolWhile you’re at it, e-mail [email protected] to get all the free leaflets, DVDs, and stickers you need to make a change for animals at your school.


How to Organize Your Own Protest

Are you a student who wants to make a direct change for animals? Take it to the streets by holding a protest! We will help you every step of the way.

Organize A Protest