Published by PETA.

Cruelty-free” and “vegan” are not adjectives that typically pop into the minds of compassionate shoppers when they think of L’Oreal, as the company has yet to sign PETA’s statement of assurance that it will never test new ingredients on animals. However, things seem to be changing with the cosmetics giant as it realizes that more and more caring consumers want only bunny-approved products in their medicine cabinets.

Introducing the EverPure hair-care line by L’Oreal. With “100% Vegan” emblazoned on the front, these botanical, sulfate-free products come in formulas for every hair type: whether you need to tame frizzies, moisturize dry hair, or infuse volume in fine tresses. L’Oreal indicates on the back of its EverPure products that they are not tested on animals.

We are thrilled to see that L’Oreal is focusing on vegan products and hope that it will make the compassionate decision to enact a cruelty-free policy that encompasses all its products. Please take a moment to write to L’Oreal to thank it for marketing products that compassionate people want. Politely ask the company to apply EverPure’s cruelty-free philosophy to all its products by signing PETA’s statement of assurance.

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