Published by PETA.

For the cat-lady fashionistas of the world, we’ve put together a list of the most essential items for a cat lover’s closet. If you coo at the sight of kittens and your friends and family always count on sending you cat-related gifts for birthdays and holidays—this list is for you:

1.      Clever Cat Storage Accessories

With great organization, your cats will have more room to roam!

2.      Cat-Faced Flats

If you don’t have sufficient funds, you can do a DIY version by simply taking a sharpie and drawing eyes, a nose, and whiskers onto a pair of flats.

3.      Cool-Cat Graphic Tank

These are great for casual occasions and showing the world at large how cool and hip cats really are.

4.      Cat Ears Umbrella

Who can better protect you from the elements than your feline friends?

5.      Cat Ring

As long as you don’t wear it on your left ring finger, beautiful cat rings are sure to attract fellow feline lovers.

6.      Rawr Dress

Contrary to popular belief, cat ladies DO go out on the town on occasion, so be sure to have a sassy dress for nighttime fun!

7.      Cat Tights

Do your cats enjoy wrapping themselves around your legs? To make you feel more at home when you’re out and about, get yourself a pair of cute tights.

8.      Animal Clothes Hanger

Let’s face it—your clothes will just look better on a human-sized cat model.

9.      Cat Hair Accessories

Not to be confused with the constant “accessory” of cat hair all over your clothes, hair accessories that are cat-themed are extremely adorable.

10.  Cat Eye Sunglasses

These are trendy AND cat-related. Win, win!

There you have it! Now if only stores would start allowing cats to accompany you on your shopping mission … oh, well, a girl can dream.

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