Published by Addie Mauldin.

“Menu-overwhelm” can be defined as follows: “That thing that happens when you go to a restaurant and it has so many delicious vegan options that you panic when the waiter asks you what you want.” At True Food Kitchen, the menu-overwhelm is real, you guys. How are we expected to choose between vegan pizza topped with dairy-free almond ricotta and a tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich? And don’t even get us started on sides and desserts.

All jokes aside, we’re so happy to see such a variety of vegan options at True Food Kitchen. Don’t get us wrong—we love a good grilled veggie plate as much as the next vegan, but restaurants like True Food are recognizing that more and more people are going vegan to protect animals, the environment, and their health, which calls for a varied mix of vegan fare on the menu.

Breakfast or Brunch

Vegan Chorizo Bowl: This savory breakfast option comes with jicama slaw and sweet corn.

Kale & Coconut and Banana & Date Smoothie: These refreshing smoothies are completely dairy-free.

Sunrise Bowl: To make this bowl vegan, simply ask for no eggs.

To Share (or not—no judgment here)

Charred Cauliflower: Extra tahini, please—and thank you!

Kale Guacamole: This is for when you want guac but feel like you need a salad.

Organic Tuscan Kale: To make this deliciously dairy-free, ask for no cheese.

Pizza and Sandwiches

Tomato & Arugula Pizza: It’s tasty as-is or with vegan ricotta.

Seasonal Vegan Pizza: Past faves include butternut squash and spinach and mushroom.

T.L.T.: Tempeh, lettuce, and tomato on whole grain bread—need we say more?


Ancient Grains: Here are all our favorite things in one bowl.

Teriyaki Quinoa: This bowl includes heirloom carrot, bok choy, mushroom, brown rice, avocado, and more.

Seasonal vegan bowls: Faves include Cauliflower Polenta and Korean Noodle.


Chia Seed Pudding: This is more than just what you imagine your ideal self eating for breakfast every morning.

Seasonal vegan desserts: Faves include Key Lime Mousse and black rice pudding with berries.

Menu items and availability may vary by location and season. True Food Kitchen can also make even more menu items vegan by replacing or removing certain ingredients.

Your compassionate decisions can make a difference. Tell other restaurants to follow True Food Kitchen’s lead and add more vegan options to their menus:

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