G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park Investigator’s Log—Inadequate Feeding

Hungry, skinny animals went days at a time without food. Some starving animals could only watch as animals in nearby cages were fed while their own food dishes remained empty.

February 27: They only fed the pregnant cats today; no others were fed because there was not enough meat.

February 28: Today was the third day that the cats (who are not pregnant) had not been fed. The bears were not fed either today.

February 28: [D1] said that the amount of meat that we had gotten would only be enough to feed the cats for one to two days this whole week.

March 2: No cats were fed today.

March 6: The cats were not fed today.

March 7: No cats, bears, or wolves were fed today.

March 12: No cats, bears, or wolves were fed today.

March 13: [J1] told us to give [two deer] a bale of hay and some water because they haven’t had any food or water in the past two days.

March 13: Only the pregnant [cats] and a handful of others, maybe 25 total cats out of 120, were fed. The ones that were fed were given their meat, and cats that were not fed were in cages right next to them watching them eat. This is the second day they have not eaten, and no cats will eat tomorrow.

March 14: No cats, bears, or wolves were fed today. … That is day three for almost all of the cats.

March 14: There is a litter of three baby lions who are just over a month old [whose paws] are very stumpy—they do not look right. All three of them were born deformed [possibly] because of a vitamin deficiency in the mother during pregnancy.

March 17: Only the pregnant cats were fed today. … I heard [D1] tell [S1], a new employee, that they were only feeding pregnant cats because there was not enough meat for the rest of the week.

March 18: This morning, I heard [D1] telling [S1] that only the pregnant cats were going to be fed. … That means a majority of the cats will be going from Thursday to Wednesday without any food.

March 20: [T]oday, [the cats] ate about one quarter of what they should eat each day.

March 21: No cats or bears were fed today.

March 25: I asked [D1] if we should put in a few more [meat] bags [for the cats], but since we don’t have much more food for the week, he replied, “No, let them fight for it.”

March 26: No cats or bears were fed today. … [Y]ou could tell they were hungry and were looking for their food.

March 27: [W]e only fed a handful of cats. … That means that the other cats have not eaten since Saturday and will not be eating until Wednesday.

March 29: No cats or bears were fed yesterday. … That means four days without food this week for the cats.

April 1: Elvis [the lion] and those few cats who got the horse were the only cats to eat today. No bears got to eat either.

April 2: [A]bout 40 [cats] did not get fed.

April 3: No cats or bears were fed today.

April 4: There was not enough produce to give all of the bears. … All the others around them were fed but not Nadia and Niko. You could see the hunger and disappointment on their faces.

April 6: [“V”] [said] that each cat was only fed a half bag of meat yesterday and that the same would be done today.

April 8: We ran out of meat today.

April 9: No cats or bears were fed today.

April 10: [T]his is the second day in a row that we are not feeding [several of the cats].

April 11: [The cats] did not get their normal amount of meat and were fighting over the food that was thrown in to them.

April 11: There was a barrel … that had apparently had meat in it for several weeks. [J1] took off the lid, and inside the barrel was a sea of white. There must have been thousands upon thousands of maggots. [E] threw bleach in with it, which after a few minutes made all the maggots mush. [J1] dumped it out onto the grass, sprayed it down with a hose, and left it there for a pig to eat.

April 15: We only fed a handful of cats (maybe 20 out of around 130) today. … Of all the bears there, only Frank and Tesh got their bear buckets (produce) today. … [W]e will not be feeding the cats again until Tuesday. That will be the fourth day since the majority of cats have eaten and the third day for the lucky few who got to eat today.

April 16: No bears or cats were fed today.

April 17: Only a handful of cats today were given femur bones to chew on.

April 18: No bears were fed today.

April 20: There were dozens upon dozens of flies in the meat cooler tonight. [J1] found them and sprayed—without removing the food—and then we swept the dead flies out. They were in the cooler with all the bags of meat and the bear buckets, which are buckets of fruit for the bears to eat.

April 22: No cats or bears were fed today.

April 25: [A]round 20 cats … were fed out of 130.

April 29: All of the cats were fasted today.

May 2: No cats or bears were fed today.

May 5: Today we only fed certain cats a full portion. … The bears were not fed properly, either, today.

May 6: We did not feed any cats today.

May 9: No cats or bears were fed today.

May 12: I asked [L] if it was fine to fast two days in a row, and he replied yes. … So we did not feed the cats.

May 13: We did not feed any cats or bears today.

May 14: We fed the cats today but only a small amount because of the [small] amount of food that was left.

May 16: No cats or bears were fed today.

May 20: No cats were fed today.

May 21: There were tons of maggots crawling today on Mufasa’s house and Baghera’s and Merlin’s food dishes.

May 27: We did not feed any bears today, and the only cats who were fed were the two white tigers and the four orange females.

May 29: We only fed certain skinny cats and the pregnant ones today because of a lack of meat.

May 30: No cats were fed today.

June 9: No cats or bears were fed today.

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