Kirshner Wildlife Foundation Flouts Animals’ Well-Being, Laws, and Safety: Act Today!

Urge Roberta Kirschner to transfer all the animals to reputable facilities where they could live in large, naturalistic habitats and get the care they deserve.

Urge Pet Stop to Send Frankie the Capuchin to an Accredited Sanctuary

Ask the owner of Pet Stop to do what’s best for Frankie by sending him to a real sanctuary!

Speak Out: A Squirrel Was Reportedly Left to Die in a Trap!

Ask the solicitor and deputy solicitor to vigorously prosecute the case and ask the Division of Fish and Wildlife to revoke Delmar Termite and Pest Control’s trapping license.

Urge New Smyrna Beach Store to Ditch Hermit Crab Sales!

Urge Wild Side Beachwear to do the right thing by ending the sale of live animals at its stores.

Update: Urge North Carolina School District to Pause Building Demo for Wildlife!

Update (June 12, 2024): Cabarrus County Schools has posted a statement indicating that all demolition efforts will be delayed until after the chimney swifts have migrated in October. Compassionate locals will continue to monitor the situation. Thank you to all who spoke up for these amazing birds! Update (June 11, 2024): On June 10, 2024, … Read more »

Urge Prosecutor to Uphold Indiana’s Cruelty Statute and Charge Hoarder Who Left Animals to Die

Urge Prosecuting Attorney Voelz to file criminal charges against Ozier and to seek a court order barring her from possessing any animals.

Urge Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office to Help Skeletal Horse

We need your voice! Please contact the Hildalgo County Sheriff’s Office, urging swift intervention for this animal, including immediate veterinary care as deemed necessary, with seizure and charges considered if appropriate.

Urge the Owners of Gator’s Grill & Spirits to End Their Distasteful Live-Caiman Exhibit

Contact the owners of Gator’s Grill & Spirits and urge them to release this caiman to an accredited sanctuary.

African Airline With Ties to a Monkey-Smuggling Ring Ships Animals to Their Deaths

Please take action today to urge it to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories for use in cruel and deadly experiments.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
Help Make Peppa Pig Theme Park a Place That’s Safe for All Animals—Not Just Pigs!
TELL CONGRESS: No More Money for Elisabeth Murray’s Monkey Terror Lab

Please join thousands of PETA supporters in calling on your members of Congress to urge NIH Director Monica Bertagnolli to put an end to Murray’s experiments.

Act Now to Ban Horse Slaughter!

Urge your representatives to pass the bipartisan Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act (U.S. H.R. 3475/S. 2037)—which would prohibit the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Help Save Baby Monkeys Tormented in Strobe-Effect Experiment

Urge the director of the BRAIN Initiative to pull the plug on these pointless experiments.

Wildlife in Virginia May Be in Danger—Act Now!

Ask Eagle Construction of VA to immediately remove plastic erosion-control netting from all its construction sites and switch to safer methods.

IKEA: Stop Selling Furniture Made Using Slaughtered Animals

Urge IKEA to ditch leather.

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