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FREE TeachKind Materials

TeachKind offers FREE materials that cover a wide range of issues with age-appropriate language and images.

TeachKind Materials

Use the form below to choose the grade level and class size that you’d like to order materials for. If you need items in larger quantities, have questions about additional items, or would like any other information, e-mail us at [email protected]. We’re here to help!

Our primary school kit for kindergarten through sixth-grade educators includes A Cow’s Life, A Chicken’s Life, A Dog’s Life, and A Rat’s Life comic books; circus activity booklets; copies of the magazine The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals; and PETA Kids sticker sheets in the quantities you choose below as well as a classroom poster pack.

Our secondary school kit for seventh through 12th-grade educators includes peta2’s Guide to Going Vegan; leaflets about dissection, the circus, animal testing, and the environment; and peta2 sticker sheets in the quantities you choose below as well as a classroom poster pack and a “Just Choices” DVD that can be used with our corresponding online curriculum (more info below).

Just Choices Curriculum Kit

8883.JustChoicesNewTemplate_5F00_dvd72.jpgRecommended for: Secondary school students
Description: “Just Choices” is designed to help your students develop a strong understanding and appreciation of historical and contemporary social justice movements. Through this program and its reproducible lesson plans, students will learn how their everyday choices affect others in society and be inspired to take on issues with passionate civic engagement. Find out more and download the accompanying worksheets and teacher’s guide here.

Please note: The items below are written and designed to be appropriate for children and teens, but you know your students better than we do. Please use your discretion to decide what will suit your classroom and students best.

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Please remember, PETA is a nonprofit organization that’s funded by donations. Please consider making a donation to help cover some of the printing and shipping costs for the materials that we are sending to you. Of course, if you cannot pay for materials, we’ll happily send them along for free.