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Top Animal Rights Movies to Show in Class

Open your students’ eyes to the world of animal rights with these animal-friendly films.

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6 Easy Ways to Celebrate a Kind Holiday in Your Classroom

Get a head start on the winter holiday by bringing some animal-friendly cheer to your class!

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Teach the Importance of Community Service ©

Teach the Importance of Community Service

Teach your students to help others by encouraging them to do community service.

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Five Books for Compassionate Classroom Reading

There are plenty of excellent student-friendly books with animal rights messages out there—check out TeachKind’s top picks!

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Start an Animal Rights Club at School

Have students who are interested in animal rights? Get them organized!

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Kind Student Awards

Show your students how valuable their acts of kindness toward animals are with TeachKind’s Kind Student Awards!

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Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Classroom

Share your love for animals and make your classroom look awesome by incorporating some of TeachKind”s fun classroom decorating tips!

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What’s the Problem With Classroom ‘Pets’?

Thinking about getting a classroom “pet”? Think again. Find out why the classroom is NOT a good place for animals.

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Start a Classroom ‘It’ Jar

Animals are thinking, feeling beings—NOT objects! This fun activity will encourage your students to think twice before calling an animal ‘it.’

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Dissection ©


Each year in the U.S., an estimated 20 million animals are used in cruel, outdated teaching exercises. Roughly half of them are used in classroom dissections.

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