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Roasted Corn With Chipotle ‘Mayonnaise’

For the Corn:
1/3 cup chipotle salsa (see recipe)
2/3 cup vegan mayonnaise
8 ears corn with the husks intact
Sea salt, to taste

• Preheat the oven to 375°F.
• Mix the salsa (see recipe) with vegan mayo. Add salt to taste.
• Fold down each layer of the corn husks. Remove the silks and use a brush to coat each corn cob with the mixture.
• Replace the husks and place on a baking sheet. Cover with foil and cook for 35 to 40 minutes. Remove the foil and cook uncovered 5 to 10 minutes more.
• Fold down the husks and season with salt to taste.

For the Chipotle Salsa:
1 lb. tomatoes, cut in half
1 chipotle chili
1/2 small white onion, minced
1 Tbsp. olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
2/3 tsp. cumin
2/3 tsp. sea salt, or to taste

• Broil the tomatoes until slightly blackened (leave skin on).
• Heat the chili on a griddle until soft, about 30 to 40 seconds.
• Open and remove the seeds. Simmer in water for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain. Blend the chili with the tomatoes until smooth.
• Sauté the onion in oil. Add the garlic and cumin and cook until soft. Add tomato mixture. Cook until thick and dark, stirring occasionally. Add salt to taste and water to the desired consistency.

Makes 8 servings