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The PETA Kids Guide to Vegan Halloween Candy © | SondraP

The PETA Kids Guide to Vegan Halloween Candy

See which of your favorite Halloween candies just happen to be vegan!

PETA Asia-Pacific Rains on Fendi’s Parade

When Fendi opened an exhibit in a Hong Kong mall recently, PETA Asia-Pacific was there to let Fendi know that its designs of death would not be tolerated.

Vegan Report Card ©

Jared Gilmore of ‘Once Upon a Time’ Finds Magic in His Pups! ©

Jared Gilmore of ‘Once Upon a Time’ Finds Magic in His Pups!

Check out Jared’s conversation with peta2 about being a responsible guardian and feeling the unconditional love from his dogs, Emma and Cooper!

Jhené Aiko Channels Her Inner Catwoman

Go behind the scenes with R&B beauty Jhené Aiko to uncover her cat-like qualities.

American Ninja Warrior Competitor Tim Shieff: Do More Than Survive

Vegan athlete Tim Shieff goes to extraordinary lengths to show the power of kindness in a breathtaking new video.

Happy Birthday, Prince George!

In honor of the future king’s first birthday, we wanted to present him with only the most compassionate of royal gifts, his very own faux-fur royal robe.

Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite on Being Vegetarian

In an exclusive interview, Stuart Braithwaite, from the band Mogwai, shares why he doesn’t think animals should die for food and why you should consider going vegetarian!

EDM Superstar Steve Aoki Talks Animal Rights Courtesy of Steve Aoki

EDM Superstar Steve Aoki Talks Animal Rights

Watch Steve Aoki’s first video interview with peta2, in which he talks about animal rights, growing up in the hardcore scene, and why he’d never wear fur.

Instagram Giveaway

We’re giving away cruelty-free vegan lip tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! Just follow @officialpeta to find out how to win!

Manchester United’s Phil Neville Goes Vegetarian

Manchester United coach and former England soccer player Phil Neville talks about health, happiness and going vegetarian.

‘Orlando Sentinel’ Celebrates PETA Ads Featuring Famous Faces

The online version of the Florida-based newspaper pays tribute to PETA’s celebrity ads through the years.

PETA Has a New Mobile Clinic!

We have a variety of positions available on our newest mobile clinic. Learn more about these exciting opportunities in Norfolk, Virginia, here.

EggNots: Cruelty-Free Easter Eggs!

Crafty vegans, don’t miss out on decorating eggs for Easter. EggNots are the perfect, cruelty-free alternative. Get them now!

‘Noah’ Director Chooses Technology Over Cruelty

Darren Aronofsky talks to PETA about advancements in computer-generated imagery and his preference for using it over live animals!

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