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R.I.P., Cecil #CecilTheLion—Celebrities React with Shock, Anger, Sadness ©

R.I.P., Cecil #CecilTheLion—Celebrities React with Shock, Anger, Sadness

With the horrific news that Zimbabwe’s most famous and much-loved lion, Cecil, had been lured out of a national park to be killed for “sport,” social media exploded with shock and …

Fifth Harmony: Be an Angel for Animals

Showing off their fierce love for animals, the ladies of Fifth Harmony star in an angelic public service announcement for peta2’s “Be an Angel for Animals” campaign.

Mónica Fonseca: Don’t Take Your Family to SeaWorld

Find out why celebrity mother Mónica Fonseca would never take her family to SeaWorld.

Noah Cyrus Is NOT a Classroom Experiment

See the star’s shocking new ad for peta2, and find out why she is speaking out against classroom dissection and what YOU can do to help animals NOW.

Australian Musician Takes a Stand Against Wool Industry

Jona Weinhofen speaks out against Australia’s cruel wool industry. See his ad and learn how easy it is to choose compassionate fashion!

Actor Cillian Murphy Joins Fight to End Fur Farming In Ireland ©

Actor Cillian Murphy Joins Fight to End Fur Farming In Ireland

Ireland has yet to outlaw fur farms, and as the government prepares new legislation, actor Cillian Murphy has joined the call for Ireland to ban fur farms entirely.

PETA Vegan Dark Chocolate Bunny

PETA Cottontail has arrived just in time for spring! This delicious vegan treat from Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates will be the star of any Easter basket.

Janel Parrish’s 10 Tips for Showing Your Dog Love

Find out the Pretty Little Liars actor’s top tips on how to be your dog’s BFF.

Thandie Newton on the Daily Cruelty of the Dairy Industry

Thandie Newton, an actor and a mother of three, speaks out in behalf of mother cows and baby calves. See what she has to say about the horrors of …

Comedian Jessimae Peluso’s Puppy Mill Rant Is ON POINT!

We asked this funny lady questions about how to treat animal companions, the problems with “designer dogs,” and why it’s important to adopt.

Samantha Barks: Try to Relate, and Keep Fish off Your Plate ©

Samantha Barks: Try to Relate, and Keep Fish off Your Plate

“Les Misérables” star Samantha Barks plunged into cold water for PETA. Her message: Fish suffocate slowly and painfully when pulled out of the water.

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Valentine’s Day Vegan Chocolate Heart Box

Show your valentine that vegans have the sweetest hearts with these delectable chocolates from Harbor Candy Shop!

Victory: Huge News For the Largest U.S. University

Following months of pressure and 2,000 petition signatures, Arizona State University (ASU) has committed to opening vegan stations in every dining hall on campus.