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Sexy Vegetarians in Lettuce Bikinis to Dish Up Veggie Dogs on Capitol Hill

PETA’s ‘Lettuce Ladies’ Will Give Congress a Scrumptious Send-Off to Summer Recess

For Immediate Release:
July 31, 2013

Sophia Charchuk 202-483-7382

Washington — Wearing bikinis made of strategically placed lettuce leaves, PETA’s sexy “Lettuce Ladies” will hit Capitol Hill on Thursday with a mountain of free tasty, humane, and healthy vegan hot dogs for members of Congress and their staff. The ladies hope the veggie-dog giveaway will give members of Congress some “food for thought” during the upcoming summer recess, which begins August 5.

When:   Thursday, August 1, 12 noon

Where:  The Rayburn House Office Building courtyard (main entrance), near the intersection of Independence Avenue S.W. and First Street S.W., Washington

“Policymakers who take a veggie dog from PETA’s sexy vegetarians won’t just get a free lunch—they’ll also see for themselves how trim and sexy vegetarian bodies can be,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Vegetarian meals are a great way to shrink your waistline and your carbon footprint—and they’re kinder to animals, too.”

Veggie dogs contain roughly a third of the fat and calories of their fleshy counterparts—and they save animals from extreme suffering on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. They’re also “greener,” as the meat industry is a leading cause of environmental devastation, including greenhouse-gas emissions.

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