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Kenai Fjords Park Rangers Receive PETA Award for Daring Rescue of Dog

Exhausted Animal Trapped on Cliff Saved and Now up for Adoption

For Immediate Release:
July 3, 2014

Sophia Charchuk 202-483-7382

Kenai, Alaska – Witnesses had been reporting seeing a dog in Kenai Fjords National Park for several days, but no one could find her until she was spotted Monday stuck on a cliff. That’s when ranger John Anderson—aided by ranger Mark Thompson—used a rope to descend the cliffside, secured the dog (named Sadie), and carried the exhausted animal down the cliff in his backpack. Sadie is now awaiting adoption in an animal shelter, and several families have already expressed interest in giving her a forever home.

For their daring and expert rescue, Anderson and Thompson will receive a Compassionate Action Award from PETA.

“The compassion shown by rangers Anderson and Thompson in rescuing this scared dog from a potentially deadly predicament is a classic lesson for everyone always to help an animal in need,” says PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch. “Thanks to them, Sadie now has a chance to be adopted and find the loving home that she deserves.”

The rangers will receive a framed certificate, a letter of appreciation, and an assortment of delicious vegan cookies from PETA.

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