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Carla Morrison – The New Face of PETA Latino – Headed To Plaza Saltillo For Ad Unveiling

Singer Tells Latino Community, ‘Eres Tú’ Who Can Help Homeless Animals by Adopting Dogs and Cats

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October 2, 2013

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Austin – Hot on the heels of her performance at Austin’s Empire Control Room & Garage, Latin Grammy Award winner Carla Morrison will head to Plaza Saltillo on Thursday afternoon to unveil her brand-new PETA Latino campaign, which shows the Mexican “Eres Tú” singer serenading her rescued dog, Tino, on a park bench next to the words “It’s You Who Can Save a Life. Always Adopt, Never Buy.” The ad, which was shot in Mexico City’s Parque de los Venados, is the first PETA Latino campaign to be shot outside the U.S.

When:   Thursday, October 3, 12 noon

Where:  Plaza Saltillo, 412 Comal St. (near the intersection with Fourth Street), Austin

“I decided to adopt because … I really wanted to get a dog from the street because I see so many around where I’m from,” the alt-rocker explained in an interview with PETA Latino. “Go ahead and adopt. There’s a lot of dogs, and it just breaks my heart when people sell them. They understand your love, they understand your feelings, they understand your intentions.”

Six to 8 million unwanted cats and dogs enter animal shelters every year in the U.S., and roughly half of them are euthanized because there simply aren’t enough good homes for them. For every puppy or kitten purchased from a breeder or pet store, a dog or cat in an animal shelter loses his or her chance of finding a home. The only way to stop animal homelessness is to stop creating more cats and dogs through breeding. PETA Latino encourages all families to save an animal’s life by adopting and always spaying and neutering animal companions.

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