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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Get Your Game On: Animal Fun for Kids

The everyday decisions that we make in our lives impact animals in a myriad of ways, both good and bad. That’s why Christine Durrant created the game Fur and Feathers, which helps young kiddos learn about animals in a fun and informative way. The game, which can be purchased via the PETA Catalog, lets kids answer questions about animals, visit a café where they can order a veggie burger, and visit animal shelters and farms. Through play, kids learn their impact on the animal world and get familiar with compassionate choices. In short, it’s a pretty rad way to encourage a young generation to think of animals as friends.

After a successful run with Fur and Feathers (the average PETA Catalog rating is five bunnies!), Durrant is taking the fun to the water world with a new game called “Fins and Flippers.” While playing, kids can visit the bay, the beach, and the coral reef to answer questions and save ocean animals by doing animal-friendly tasks. Check it out on Durrant’s Kickstarter page, where she’s raising funds for the project.

In the meantime, get started teaching your kids to be kind to animals. Order Fur and Feathers today!

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