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Dyeing Eggs Without Dying Chicks

Written by Melinda McKee | March 22, 2013

There are some traditions that are hard to give up. As a little girl, I remember dyeing chicken eggs every Easter with my family. I always look back with nostalgia on the quality time that my family shared, the fun and creative designs that we thought of, and the times we spent having Easter egg hunts afterward.

It wasn’t until years later that I actually thought about the eggs. Where did they come from? Certainly, laying eggs is a natural process for hens and doesn’t harm them, right? But upon reading about the cruel egg industry, I learned that factory farms have changed all that. Now, a hen is shoved into a tiny cage where she can’t even spread a single wing, all for the sake of collecting her eggs.

But thanks to our friends at EggNots™, I can keep my family’s tradition of coloring Easter eggs without any guilt. These ceramic eggs look and feel just like chicken eggs and don’t harm any living beings. We had so much fun dyeing and decorating our EggNots, and I know you will, too!

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  • Anne says:

    Another idea is simply to get colorful plastic eggs, decorate them with puff paint or stickers, and fill them with your favorite vegan candy.

  • Linnaea says:

    WE will DO this next year!!!


    Go Vegan!

  • Elissa says:

    These are awesome! My husband surprised me with a dozen and we just have to get more! I’ve made some just for the kids in the family and it’s nice that they’ll be able to keep them. I’m a crafter and it’s nice to put time into the design and know that it’s not going to get broken or rotten.

  • MeganMinnikin says:

    This s such a great dea! Ill have to give it a try 🙂