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There Is No Difference

Did you know that whales, who sing across oceans; great apes, who share more than 98 percent of our DNA; sheep, who can recognize as many as 50 faces after not having seen them for two years; and pigs and chickens, who can learn to operate switches in order to control heat and light in factory-farm sheds, are feeling, intelligent individuals—not objects? Our language should reflect this. Let’s set the record straight: An animal is not an “it” or a “what.” An animal is a he or a she or a who.

When it comes to experiencing all life’s joys and sorrows, we are no different. We all bleed when we’re cut, cry out in pain when a loved one is taken too soon, enjoy a soft touch or a kind word, and feel the warmth of love when in the presence of close family members and friends. It’s time for us to extend the compassion that we expect for ourselves to nonhuman animals.

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  • carmen jerosch says:

    stop it!!!

  • Teresa Echeverrí says:

    El gran error de los hombres es llamarlos cosas,una vez que nuestro cerebro los identifica como objetos, no nos duele ni nos importa herirlos… he ahí la primera desgracia para ellos,”error de lenguaje” creado para beneficio de los humanos, eso y sentirnos con poder sobre ellos, quienes siempre han sido seres y no cosas. Gran momento de recapacitar y enmendar nuestra actitud en beneficio de ambos.

  • romi&sash kulundzic says:

    animal = people – god made them all

  • anneli jonsson says:

    this is so wrong i dont know how it shall be done people that hunt clames that the humans are meat eaters and predators animals like the lion, wolfs, chetas, leopards, crocodiles, sharks and other predators. i watch a movie with gnu,antiloops,zebras and the predators i mentioines aswell as hippos it was about a mom simular as cows she had a baby and it was so hard to see the grass eating peaceful animals that are not predators and that are not having any bigger specialities to survive and are weaker than the rest forced to get born to be haunted and live dangerously first the went to eat grass on the other side of a dangerous river during hot season and got killed by the predators in water and other side aswell as water with streams the calf had luck several times but one he got wrong and went back alone when all other went back to the other side and his mom went back and that shows that its not right to have them as factory farming and like milk and egg producers the way it is they have higly feelings and bounds with their children and are very stressed born to be haunted always stressed and need help for a more secure life but instead the want the wild to be wild and the meat industri to do the rest its not right .like they do when get milk take the calf , take away their mating and free lifestyle to get strong and force them to give birth to babies witcht they take to get her milk so she gets traumaties and the calf get killed . its horrible how the animals that are born to feed us have it it must be locked after and give them a fair play life

  • Jolene Peek says:

    Animals have feelings,they hurt and love ,have babies ,enjoy the sunshine need love just like we do.They do not deserve to die or be used in circuses or for fighting.Look into their eyes before you think of hurting them,see their soul and yes I believe they have souls,and see your reflection,do you see their fear or pain,see them pleading to live! Stop abusing Gods creatures PLEASE!

  • HH says:

    So true!–this drives me crazy—can’t we get anything right? What’s wrong with our species?

    We already murder non-human animals for *fun* and *profit*–why can’t we at least get the language right?

    What’s *wrong* with us…?!?

    To review: A fork, or a rock, or the remote control—is an “it”. But a dog, or a bird, or a cat or a cow—is a sentient being—a someone—an individual. Just as we now know African-Americans are *not* 3/5 of a person, we also recognize biology and science—and animals—whether human or non-human—are gendered creatures—and it is only correct to refer to them as he, she or who.

  • Teresa Echeverrí says:

    En ESPAÑOL, son: tú, él, ellos, ustedes, NO ESO O ÉSTO… In Spanish, THEY ARE not ”

  • Shirley B says:

    If I could make a wish, then I wish that everyone would feel this way about the animals that were here before us. This world would be a better place and you wouldn’t hear it’s clock ticking fast towards the end….this is so sad since we have nowhere to go!

  • Nico says:

    I actually take this a step further and ask people to please finish their meal if it is meat. That meat is someone’s body.

  • lola says:

    They are living beings, not object.

  • Monica says:

    I also agree completely. Just because some animals have 0-2-4 etc. legs and speak a different language from each of us doesn’t at all mean they don’t cry, feel emotion, care for their young, are not intelligent, etc. as we are. Why can’t people see that. Animals are no different than a person who comes from another country, that speaks another language where they would do things differently in their country from us. I don’t understand how some people can be so unemotional towards the beautiful animals in this world that was given to us to enjoy and love. I could go on and on about this but I’ll stop here. I have more love and compassion for the animals around us then for most people.

  • Beryl Furman says:


    People think, only their feelings and experiences and thoughts are valuable. They believe that the animals belong more to the vegetal nature than to human beings, although they are just the same as we. People are miserable in their understanding of life.

  • Jaime says:

    I totally agree with this article. Animals are living, feeling beings. They are no different than us. I’d rather be surrounded by animals than people most of the time.

  • Jiyoung says:

    Such heartwarming pictures..
    I also agree with this article. They are living beings, not object.
    We are all alike.

  • Toyya says:

    Deep… I’ll be sure to update my language from now on. Something so so simple made me look at the animals shown even more lovingly.

  • NancyD says:

    Couldn’t have said it better, thank you PETA! It always ticks me off when people refer to my pets, who are my children, as “it”. GRR! I also try to steer people away from using terms that derogatory or violent towards animals, such as “beating a dead horse” or calling someone a “pig”. In all reality, being called a pig is not a bad thing. 🙂

  • chander kumar soni says:

    strongly agree.

  • Kate says:

    I hear the word ‘it’ used al the time and it drives me crazy. Somehow cars and boats are ‘she’ and animals are labeled ‘it’. They are not inanimate objects but living beings. I didm not even have to read this to completely agree as I have thought the same thing for years. People always have some reason why they do it but there is no good reason.