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Woman Loses 150 Pounds by Going Vegan!

Need even more reasons to go vegan? Inspirational Eve explains the many health benefits of going vegan!

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PETA Volunteer Spotlight: Abby Casarella

Want to get more active for animals, but don’t know where to start? Check out this month’s Activist Spotlight on Abby Casarella for inspiration!

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Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags

The Aloha State has kissed plastic shopping bags goodbye. Here’s how you can help animals, too.

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9 Animals You Didn’t Think Could Be This Cute

Celebrate spring with some pictures of unique-looking baby animals!

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Big Bald Mike: PETA Chats With a Vegan Arm Wrestler

We love that Mike is a ball of testosterone, fueled by spinach and quinoa. You’ll love him, too.

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Are We Really That Special?

“Humans are the only animals capable of ________.” I’ve seen countless variations on this statement in magazines, in books, and on television.

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Charities: Your Donation Dollars at Work

Here’s a list of just a few of many charities that fund experiments on animals.

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Preorder Alicia Silverstone’s New Book!

Mother. Actor. Vegan. Friend of PETA. Bestselling author. Alicia Silverstone has a new book―The Kind Mama―out April 15. Preorder it now!

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PETA Volunteer Spotlight: Samuel Hartman

For this edition of our volunteer spotlight series, we pick the brain of one of PETA’s most seasoned volunteers: Samuel Hartman!

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PETA Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel Kay

Next up in our series of spotlights, we chatted with a dedicated activist who speaks up for animals in the Big Apple. Let’s see what she has to say!

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