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Snoop Dogg Finds Out How Hot Dogs Get Mizzade

In this hilarious clip, find out why Snoop Dogg says he is “never eating a mother-f*cking hot dog” again.

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Vegan Wins ‘Beach Body’ Category at Miss Galaxy Universe Competition

This vegan is a Miss Galaxy Universe competition winner, and she’s got the body to prove it.

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This Common Sushi Order May Cause Anal Leakage—And Other “Food” Facts

Animal-based seafood is often mislabeled. If you want to know what you’re eating—and what you’re not eating—choose wholesome vegan foods.

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Vegan Abroad: A Guide to Plant-Based Dining in Rome

Eating compassionately is a cinch in Rome, especially if you have some tips about all the best places to try.

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Looking for a Vegan-Friendly Airbnb? Try Vegvisits

Vegvisits will help make your next vacation a vegan dream come true.

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The (Not So) Secret Life of Pets: They Just Want You ©

The (Not So) Secret Life of Pets: They Just Want You

“The Secret Life of Pets” makes it clear: Our animals depend on us to do what’s right.

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What to Eat While You’re Training for an Ironman Triathlon

Vegan triathletes swear by plant-based food. Click through to follow their lead.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels ‘Fantastic’ After Saying ‘Hasta la Vista’ to Meat

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron cool it on meat and dairy consumption for the sake of the planet.

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One More Thing Vegan Foods Can Do: Help Diabetics ©

One More Thing Vegan Foods Can Do: Help Diabetics

It wasn’t just a reduction in blood sugar levels that excited researchers in a new study.

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Enter Now: Cruelty-Free Home of the Year Contest 2016

Submit photos of your animal-friendly home for a chance to be featured in a major interior design magazine.

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