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Best Vegan ‘Aha’ Moments ©

Best Vegan ‘Aha’ Moments

What’s your vegan origin story?

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Should You Bathe a Bunny?

Unless directed by a knowledgeable vet, it’s best not to bathe bunnies.

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You’d Never Guess These Men Are Vegan

Don’t challenge these men—they might break more than just your vegan stereotypes.

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10 of the Worst Hunting-Themed Tattoos You’ll Ever See | Flannymagic

10 of the Worst Hunting-Themed Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Whether it’s the subject matter, the appearance, or both, these hunting- and fishing-themed tattoos are definitely on our “just don’t” list.

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Bacon-Flavored Seaweed to Save the Day

Here’s the scoop on a type of seaweed that tastes like bacon when you fry it.

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Why PETA Living E-News Will Make Wednesday The Best Day Ever

Looking for ways to save animals and tips on how to be the most badass vegan possible? Let us do the work for you.

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How to Make Your Own Animal Rescue Kit

You never know when you’ll come across homeless or injured animals. Do you have the supplies ready to save them?

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5 Inspirational Women Who Stand Up for Animals Every Day

Read up on these empowering women, and plan your own strategy for taking over the world while saving animals.

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Keep Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

The essential guide to preventing your dog from suffering in the summer heat.

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Proof That Kids Don’t Want to Eat Meat

Kids all over the world are telling their parents that they don’t want to see animals getting hurt. And they will break your heart.

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