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7 Deadly Sins You Shouldn’t Give Up for Lent

When you’re deciding what to give up for Lent, make sure that you don’t abstain from these seven deadly sins:


Go ahead—keep your mind in the gutter. And while you’re at it, check out some of PETA’s videos to put you in the mood.


Who said that being vegan means eating less? Indulge yourself with delicious vegan recipes, especially those from the new Betty Goes Vegan cookbook.


Be proud of yourself this year by pledging to go completely cruelty-free and deciding to keep your “beauty without bunnies.”


Be a scrooge. For the next 40 days, be sure to pinch your pennies. But not without reason! You can donate all the money you’ll save to your favorite animal protection organization when Lent is over.


We’ve all been guilty of being a green-eyed monster. This year, be the subject of envy by spoiling yourself with delectable vegan dishes and wearing the most fashionable fur-free attire. You don’t have to sacrifice your looks to be cruelty-free.


You should be angry at all the abuse that animals endure today. Spread the word, get mad at ignorance, and never be silent.


You care about animals, you’ve gone vegan, and you’ve pledged to be cruelty-free. You deserve a break! So sit back, relax, and perhaps take in a movie or three. Plus, you can use this time to learn about an ultra-cute animal whose name is synonymous with being lazy.

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  • Jagdish Mittal says:

    Extremely nice ways for animal cruelty prevention

  • Katrelya Angus says:

    I’m giving up laziness for Lent! Ash Wednesday is ACTION Wednesday. My pastor sends me out the church doors RUNNING! During Lent, when I see a PETA Action Alert, I stop everything and WRITE right away!

  • Alyssa Watson says:

    Madeline you should wait until you’re out of college especially since you get free food with your scholarship. I’m a vegetarian living in south Texas which makes it pretty hard. I’m waiting to try veganism until I live on my own and have a full time job so I can properly experiment and have the money to do so. If you do do it though awesome! And good luck : )

  • Brooke Bell says:

    Louise Flanders- I understand completely and deeply. The suffering is so great, my helplessness so vast and it seems to be everywhere. People tell me to turn away ‘don’t look at that stuff’ but I know I couldn’t do that, even if I wanted to. Like you, I lament the years I spent ‘asleep’ and totally blind to the plight of animals and for me there is no going back. A few of the things saving me might help you too: 1. The bad stuff gets a lot more press, but as far as companion animals go, most people love their babies as much as you love your cats. 2. Do your part. Of course. When I think of the animals that suffer, I look at my little foster dog and know that, even though I can’t save them all, I can save this one right here. And the next one after him. Ditto for giving, volunteering, getting involved in online communities, etc. 3. Balance compassion with self-compassion. No, you can’t turn a blind eye. You mustn’t. But you can treat yourself with the same tenderness you’d treat an animal and don’t make it any harder on yourself than it has to be. Sparing yourself anguish doesn’t mean doing nothing or ignoring the problem. 4. Pray. Or whatever you do. There are Monks who spend all day every day praying for World Peace. Every time I see an image of suffering, or hear a story that tears out my guts, I see it as an invitation to pray. Right then. That’s my cue. I pray for the animal in the moments of his/her suffering. I pray for the people who work to try to save him/her and animals like them. And I pray that Compassion will overwhelm the hearts of the people causing the suffering. It helps me be at peace. 5. Every. Dollar. Counts. Most animal suffering happens because of profit, not cruelty. Educate yourself (though you’re probably an old hand at this) and take the pledge with me that not one more dime of my money will serve as my proxy to torture and exploit animals. Go vegan. Forget leather. Eschew animal testing. Tell others. Tell everyone. Never be silent. Its not depressing; it’s reality. The sooner we face it, the sooner we can end the neverending cycle of violence, war and oppression at its source; the exploitation of the weaker and might making it right.

  • chander kumar soni says:


  • Maze says:

    I love PETA.

  • Louise Flanders says:

    What a fantastic organisation this is, all those involved are a god send. Like so many others it breaks my heart knowing how many animals are suffering each day cos of man. Unfortunately the problem I have is by voicing my opinion,I am sounding too depressing and its often said that i am making myself ill by torturing my mind.
    Yes i am becoming a nightmare cos I don’t switch off, i know by going onto sites and watching these horrific scenes I am stressing myself out but at the same time why be blinded to the going on’s esp this day and age of the internet. I am p***ed off with myself for living in a bubble for so many years. I suppose it is never too late to change your ways, and to genuinely have self believe. I’m not going to save the world, but trying to help and speaking out is better than being blinded to the going ons. Loving the Paul McCartney clip, very educational and the term if there were glass walls, he isn’t even passing judgement on those that do eat meat other than to have a meat free monday and to be at least aware of where your meat is coming from. The dairy production is what shocked me the most I truly had no idea, I felt very uneducated. The poor lab animals, how anyone can inflict such pain is beyond believe. I will most cetainly never fly with air france! So many different issues, sadly a very grim outcome that being a death sentence. Wished the law did more, after all Britain aswell as America are supposed to be civilized, so many human rights but animal suffering is ignored. I am annoyed and angry by peoples ignorance towards animals Thank you to all the people who try to protect animals, the charities and to the celebrities. Celebrities as we well know can help a great deal, they set an example to youngsters and can obviously try to use the media to bring awareness. It’s a shame our papers are not filled with more of these animal cases, after all we are suppose to be a nation of animal lovers. Rant over,sorry for thinking too deep, just needed to get it out. Whilst looking at my wonderful cats my thoughts go out to all those animals that will never get a chance to experience life whether it being in the wild or with human companions. Very sad indeed!

  • Madeline Webster says:

    I’m going vegan for lent! I’ve been vegetarian for five years. I’m going to take this as a trial run. In the end I don’t know if I can afford it on campus (I usually eat on campus because my scholarship pays for that). But I want this experience to either prepare me to be a full-time vegan, or to be more aware of where my food is coming from. I hope to at least do vegan 3 months a year!