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You Won’t Believe There’s Wool in That

For certain animal skins, we know to be on the lookout for certain products. For wool, we keep an eye on sweaters and socks, but wool can hide in all sorts of places.

Not only do wool products mean a lifetime of imprisonment for the sheep used to make them, they can also mean forced breeding, eventual slaughter, and cruel mulesing, a horribly painful process in which chunks of skin and flesh are cut from sheep’s backsides—often without anesthetics.

Keep an eye out for wool in these products:

1. Carpets and rugs

Carpets can be an afterthought, but these home essentials sometimes contain wool. Make sure your next carpet is 100 percent cruelty-free.

2. Suit jackets and pea coats

You’d be shocked at how many suit jackets sneak wool into the fabric, and the fact that you can’t tell the difference proves that it’s unnecessary.

3. Table cloths

This bread is vegan, but is the table cloth? Double check to be sure.

4. Sheets

Looks comfy, but you’ll sleep better once you make sure that your bedding is cruelty-free.

5. Shirts and flannels

There are plenty of cotton alternatives to wool shirts, and you can still get the grunge look.

6. Pants

Walk the walk and ensure your pants stay wool-free.

7. Shoes

Leather isn’t the only danger here. Make sure wool stays off your feet.

8. Hats

Sturdy, wool-free winter hats are easy to find. And something about this hat just screams, “Compassion.”

9. Towels

Sheep need their wool to keep dry, but you don’t. Opt for cotton towels next time you buy.

10.  Drapes and curtains

When you do your next redesign, don’t forget to keep cruelty off the windows.

The lesson here? Always check the tag. You never know what might be hiding in your next purchase.

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  • Amelia Morgan Lelievre says:

    Well they could always be nicer about it like if their going to be shaving off their wool they should do it like get it done by a professional groomer and everything like that and then when they get to old they could send them away to a retirement farm!!! And after their wool has been shaved off they should make sure they have shelter and warmth and little jackets like dogs have! And they should have people that play with them and give them love and affection and have a veterinarian visit regularly!

  • Amelia Morgan Lelievre says:

    omg i’m going home and checking everything!!! wht do i do with the stuff thats bad!!!

  • chander kumar soni says:


  • Jagdish Mittal says:

    We can prevent animal cruelty by using alternative products

  • Beryl Furman says:

    I’ve nbeen a vegan for nearly 10 years. to eat outside has still ben difficult, without eating dairy-or eggproducts. To know about each oeace of bread you take is almost impossible. In a cold ciountry as finland it is also almost impossible to leave wool. I cut in peaces many fine jumpers, but sooner or later I noticed I had again woollen clothes. I hope their production will stop.

  • Kei says:

    Wow never would’ve thought that tennis balls also contain wool. 🙁

  • Mermaid M. says:

    where is the bedding in photo #4 purchased from? We just moved and this would be perfect…where can I find this? Thanks!

  • cody b says:

    Tennis balls also ha wool. :/