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Method to the Madness

There’s a reason why I don’t move very often, and that reason is … moving stinks! And I’m not talking in some metaphorical way, like I’ve been cranky and tired and sore for the last two weeks and thinking “this stinks!” No, I mean quite literally that moving stinks. People use bleach, window cleaners that are full of chemicals, “all-purpose” cleaners, and wood cleaners that smell like fake pine trees … blech! Usually when someone moves out of my apartment building, the whole place stinks like a chemical waste site for days.

This can’t be good for our health, the environment, and animals. Lots of household products use outdated, cruel, unnecessary, and inaccurate tests to determine the safety of their products. Sorry, but smearing chemicals into Peter Cottontail’s eyes during a Draize test to see what will happen is just plain wrong. Rabbits may endure blindness, bleeding scabs, and ulcers.

But fear not! There are plenty of household cleaning products that are not tested on animals! You can check out a full list here. I just used method products to clean my apartment. They have wood cleaners, glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and the “omop,” which Method brands as “nontoxic microfiber floor love for wood floors.” I mean, these people have everything you could ever want. And with scents like lemon ginger, cucumber melon, sweet water, almond, and ylang-ylang, your house will smell like a farmers’ market instead of a toxic dump. They are available at a fair price and are easy to find (lots of grocery stores carry them, as do most Target stores), and they destroy dirt like no other. And by not buying products that were tested on animals, you can sleep better at night knowing that rabbits’ eyes are safe and you and your neighbors aren’t choking on icky fumes and chemicals.

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  • Dorothy says:

    Months ago in a trash bin I found a half-used container of Method hand cleanser. It had a push spout creating a rich foam and the cleanser had such a wonderful light fragrance, and I saw on the label it was not tested on animals. I enjoyed it so much I would wash my hands even when I didn’t need to. I used it all up and now that I know I can easily get it at Target etc. I will look for it. First I have to use up a bunch of ordinary soaps someone also threw out. But how could anyone throw out Method?

  • Crystal says:

    I am a big fan of Method, Mrs Meyers and Ecover, I clean houses for a living and no matter how much people battle me on how all natural is not cleaning their bathroom, I convince them after I clean. Also last week I ran out of bathroom cleaner so I reached into the back of my cabinet and pulled out some bleach bathroom cleaner and almost gagged to death from the vapor.

  • Denise says:

    I just bought some method cleaner and it smells great, the air fresheners are wonderful to. I found these because my boss uses them in his home, I do home healthcare and I didn’t know about any of this or even the whole animal lab testing thing until I read the back of the bottles. Now in everything I use I make sure that I am not harming any living animal I have even started to try and stop animal abuse after watching videos and seeing animals at my local pet store suffer. Now I just need to finish up my old cleaner & believe me I won’t be buying anymore clorox or windex.

  • Kathleen W, says:

    I love Method! All their products work & smell great, and best of all are cruelty free.

  • Serena says:

    Girl I love method! Their bathroom cleaner works like magic and it doesn’t smell like toxic waste! They also have a new line of shower gels and soaps and they’re totally jazzz! Just bought some at Target this week.