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Cruelty-Free Product Shopping

Check out these suggestions for replacing items that you might currently be using with cruelty-free products that you can pick up at your local drug and discount stores, such as Walgreens and Target:

Item Instead of Try
All Purpose Cleaner 409 ecover
Dish Soap Dawn method
Household Cleanser Ajax Bar Keepers Friend
Laundry Detergent Tide Ecos by Earth Friendly Products
Air Freshener Glade Citrus Magic
Glass Cleaner Windex Mrs. Meyers
Bleach Clorox biokleen
Item Instead of Try
Bar Soap Dove Kiss My Face
Shower Gel Olay Yes to Carrots
Toothpaste Crest Tom’s of Maine
Shampoo Suave Avalon
Conditioner Pantene Freeman
Deodorant Secret Certain Dri
Body Spray Calgon Aura Cacia
Cosmetics L’Oreal E.L.F. Cosmetics
Nail Polish Maybelline wet n wild
Nail Polish Remover Sally Hanson Acquarella
Shave Cream Gillette Kiss My Face
Face Wash Clearasil Yes to Cucumbers
Feminine Pads Always Natracare
Tampons Tampax Maxim
Body Lotion Vaseline Intensive Care/Aveeno Yes to Carrots
Hair Color Clairol Manic Panic
Hand Sanitizer Purell Dr. Bronner’s


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  • Victoria says:

    All coop own brand are not tested on animals, nor asda or tesco. The best place though I find is superdrug

  • Shaklee says:

    Shaklee is an independent company that doesnt test on animals, why dont they make the list? They offer a myriad of products including skin and body care, laundry, and nutritional supplements of a high quality.

  • Susan says:

    Rimmel London is not on your list for cruelty-free products although they claim to not test their cosmetics or even the ingredients on animals. They are owned by Coty who is also cruelty-free. Why is Rimmel not on your Leaping Bunny list?

  • Kelsey Apley says:

    Thanks for sharing this, will def remember those brands when shopping!

  • AutumnSylver says:

    This must have been written a while ago, before Revlon become no longer cruelty free.

  • Anne du Preez says:

    I just read on use this and not that from Peta that we can use Revlon, Ithought they tested on animals, what now???