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It Pays to Be Vegan

Not only are vegans saving animals and the environment, but also saving money at the supermarket.

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Natural Pet Remedies for Flea and Tick Control

Natural and safe ways to deal with fleas and ticks.

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Vegan Fertilizers

Many organic fertilizers contain manure, blood and bone meal from factory-farmed animals, and fish emulsion and fish meal from the rapacious commercial fishing industry.

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Warning: Cocoa Bean Mulch Harmful to Dogs

How cocoa bean mulch can kill your dog.

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Top Five Reasons to Be Nice to Mice Katrin Burns

Top Five Reasons to Be Nice to Mice

Be nice to mice. Learn how and why to treat them humanely.

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Five Ways That You Can Start Saving Money Today

A healthy, natural vegan diet can be a really inexpensive way to eat.

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Holiday Gift Giving, Part 2

Making jams and jellies doesn’t require too many materials, you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen, and you can knock out eight to 12 4-ounce jars …

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Humane Rodent Control

Cruel methods are never necessary–humane tips for making your house mouse-proof.

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Humane Cockroach Control

While you certainly don’t want your living space to turn into a cockroach haven, there are humane and affordable methods for discouraging them.

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