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Household Guests

If “uninvited guests” are calling your house home, there’s no need to resort to cruel pesticides. Humane control methods will keep them out for good.

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Your Garden: A Sanctuary for Yourself and for Birds

It’s easy to create a garden that is a beautiful, peaceful, and much-needed haven for birds and butterflies.

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Treat Your Friends to a Vegan Dinner Party!

Host a vegan dinner party with these delicious tips.

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Be Kind to Cockroaches

Show compassion towards cockroaches.

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Green Spring Cleaning

Make your own cruelty-free cleaners for a fraction of the cost.

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Helping Wildlife

Guide for helping wildlife and animals that you may encounter.

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Top Five Reasons to Take Your Own Shopping Bags to the Store

Reusable bags might seem like a fad since cloth grocery totes are popping up everywhere, but trendy or not, cloth totes are much more than a fashion accessory.

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Help Animals This Winter

How to help animals during the cold winter months.

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Reduce Your Animal Companion’s ‘Carbon Pawprint’

Learn how to make your companion animals more “green” and reduce their carbon pawprint!

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Another Reason to Leave Soy Milk for Santa

Leave Santa soy milk this Christmas.

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