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‘Vegan’s Daily Companion’ Book

Written by Ashley Palmer | May 3, 2011

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s latest book, the Vegan’s Daily Companion, offers inspiration for cooking, eating, and living compassionately. If you’re looking for some insight into a vegan lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

This beautiful hardback has helpful day-to-day advice for living as compassionately as possible. This handy how-to guide is filled with beautiful color photos, recipes, and poems that are sure to inspire you as well as advice on living a vegan lifestyle.

My favorite aspect of this book is the photos and stories of rescued animals, like a turkey names Ethel who now lives happily at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Animals like Ethel are who inspire my passion and devotion to living cruelty-free in every way.

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  • Amanda Dickerson says:

    What inspires me is the dogs and cats I work with in volunteering at our local shelter. I loook into those trusting eyes which have seen abandonment and do not understand why they were left behind. It has inspired me to have compassion for all animals big and small who depend on us to care for them, love them, and never let them down.

  • Mustang216 says:

    I have been a vegetarian since September because I got tired of eating meat. I did my research and was inspired to continue because of how animals are treated and killed before becoming our food. I hope that by not eating meat, I can do my part in helping animals have a voice.