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Vegans Share Tips in the ‘Kitchn’

Written by Keegan Baur | January 31, 2011

Ever wanted to be part of a secret society? Author David V. Barrett defines a secret society as any group that has “carefully graded and progressed teachings” that are “available only to selected individuals,” “lead to “hidden (and ‘unique’) truths,” and bring “personal benefits beyond the reach and even the understanding of the uninitiated.”

Simply being vegan makes you part of a society of vegans, which is graded and does provide unique truths that bring about tremendous personal benefits. However, the great news is that vegan teachings are readily available to everyone. The post “Going Vegan: What’s Your Best Advice?” at the website The Kitchn provides a forum for vegan commenters to share tips and advice based on their personal experiences.

Those of you who are thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet might not realize how easy, rewarding, and adventurous a vegan lifestyle can be! This site can be a great learning tool for you, whether you’re making gradual changes in your diet or are jumping into veganism head-on. Posters have even recommended helpful books, cookbooks, and videos.

And as if all this weren’t enough, you can find recipes at Vegan Around the Clock: 25 Vegan Recipes From Breakfast to Dessert From The Kitchn. I for one can’t wait to whip up some of these scrumptious-looking apple muffins.

Everyone is welcome in our not-so-secret society of vegans. So don’t be shy—come join the conversation!

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