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The 5 Vegan Recipes Every ‘Seafood’ Lover Needs

Written by Liam Cronin | October 11, 2013

1. Crunchy Vegan Crab Rangoon


And find more vegan seafood recipes here.

2. Decadent Vegan Lobster Bisque


3. Creamy Hearts of Palm “Crab” Salad


4. Ingenious Vegan Lobster Tail

5. Full-Sized Vegan Lobster

Vegans can feel great about eating these compassionate “seafood” dishes, but at Linda Bean’s slaughterhouse in Maine, lobsters and crabs are torn apart while alive so that they can be eaten.

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  • Cathy says:

    That ‘full size vegan lobster’ looks absolutely gross. Next thing we will have ‘full size vegan cow’ that you can butcher yourself. I guess for people who are new to being vegan, it might seem ‘normal’ to dine on such things; but as a vegan for 18 years now, it grosses me out to see vegan food that exactly mimics the body of a real animal and their real flesh. It is so un-vegan like really.

  • Ruth says:

    The “Ingenious Vegan Lobster Tail” looks really interesting. I’m going to use the recipe for baked potatoes at least twice a month now. Thanks for sharing it.

  • candy lusk says:

    there is too much cruelty in this world, you can help to change that

  • Lata Shah says:

    Very shocking video! I was not able to see. How any conscious human can do this to live creature.

  • Craig Cline says:

    Good info. about vegan “seafood” choices. The May Wah company has other vegan selections as well, all without GMOs, dairy, or MSG. Also check the selections from Sophie’s Kitchen, which offers vegan “crab” cakes, and other yummy products.

  • Jonah Miller says:

    Wow! That’s great! I wish many more people would know about this. And that would save a lot of animal’s lives. My God. I wish more people would show more compassionate, looking for vegan alternatives and finally stop eating “seafood” (nasty name for living animals), chicken etc. “on the side”.

  • Cathy says:

    Honestly … torn apart while still alive … how intentionally cruel!!! Do you not think that they feel pain??? Can you put yourself in their place … think of the pain … would you not suffer being torn apart piece by piece … so cruel, inhumane, disgusting, …. You can bet I will spread the word of your despicable ongoings of your establishment Linda Bean’s!! KARMA is all I can end with.

  • Heather Jones says:

    I am appalled that Linda Bean thinks that this is OK to tear apart a living creature. How disgusting and totally unnecessary. Even if you are not a vegetarian/vegan (which I am) there still is no excuse for blatant cruelty. I think she is despicable.

  • Lynnette Anderson says:

    Stop this cruelty. They can feel the pain of being ripped apart!