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Vegan Coffee Creamers

The following article was written by peta2 youth marketing coordinator Helena Soh.

Some mornings, a hot cup of coffee is the only motivation I need to get out of bed. Even on the days I don’t need it, I still want it. Suffice it to say, I really love coffee.

When it comes to coffee creamers, I like mixing it up with different brands and flavors—and with so many vegan creamers to choose from, I never get bored. Here are my go-to coffee creamers, all of which are available at most grocery stores and all of which I highly recommend trying:

So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer

Silk Creamer

Trader Joe’s Soy Milk Creamer

To all you almond-milk addicts out there, I share your passion! Try adding some Almond Breeze to your brew and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And when all else fails, you can always rely on delicious soy or rice milk.

Don’t brew your own coffee at home? Almost all places that serve coffee offer soy milk, so don’t be afraid to ask for it. (I’m pretty sure that starting off your day with a soy latte increases your chance of having a good day by 50 percent.)

How do you take your coffee? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  • Farnaz says:

    I bought a non dairy creamer and i was so happy with it, but today i saw the ingredient and it contains something from milk it was a disappointment, are they mad? It was labeled non dairy.

  • Flavia says:

    You have very few creamers listed here, why?
    You should add this one, Wildwood Soy Creamer. It is, in my opinion, by far the BEST non-dairy, soy creamer out there. People need to try several different kinds to find one they like, which is what I did. The Trader Joe’s one is okay i a pinch, but it is not as good as Wildwood brand, and the Trader Joe’s one is also GMO.

  • lou says:

    Is Possmei coffee creamer vegan?

  • LLV says:

    Thanks, glad I can confirm these brands before I buy. Non-dairy creamers are central to making good Vegan ice cream! I make my own soy milk and now would like to make the soy milk into a thicker creamer.

  • Dippity Doo says:

    So Delicious Coconut Coffee Creamer contains titanium dioxide. YECH-Carcinogen. My favorite is WILDWOOD SOY MILK CREAMER.

  • Monikaalexis says:

    I’ve found that reducing unsweetened almond milk and adding pumpkin spices (and sweetening it with vanilla stevia) is FAR better than anything I’ve tried. Look up any recipe on how to condense almond (or whatever milk alternative you want) and then flavour accordingly. Plus if you already have the spices, it’s super cheap to make! We don’t have any of these brands in England and since I’m a coffee fiend, I figured out how to make my own!

  • ILIL ARBEL says:

    Almond milk is indeed wonderful. However, I am looking for POWDERED vegan creamer and the problem is, SoyGo, which is vegan, is not great, and Coffee Mate, which is very good, is not vegan… does anyone knows a great powdered vegan creamer?

  • Jen says:

    Use Torani syrups and milk alternative of your choice.

  • Christel says:

    I don’t think any of theese brands of vegan coffee creamers are available in Denmark – unfortunately! Actually, I haven’t yet found a vegan coffee creamer in any danish stores..

  • gregshortdotcom says:

    veganvamp mentioned powdered soy milk which is a good idea, but are there any other powdered creamers out there? I’m vegetarian, not vegan, so I don’t mind a little dairy. I love Coffee Mate, and would most enjoy something similar, minus the mono- and diglycerides.

  • erinm says:

    MMM Can I please have some “Titanium Dioxide” with my coffee!!!! Nah….don’t think so. These are not good for you! Better to go black.

  • priscilla shaw-phillips says:

    I live in the UK and don’t like sugar in my coffee. I use Alpro soya single cream, which is available in most supermarkets; it’s also much less fattening than dairy single cream.

  • NotBuyingIt! says:

    Almond and soy milks tend to separate but, taste as good as anything else – I guess the issue that people have is generally a visual one. I would often frequent the Trader Joe’s soy creamer, tastes good, works great and inexpensive. All of the popular soy creamers in the US, including the ones you mention in the article, that I’ve used have worked perfectly. I also love Hemp milk and it works well in coffee. Since, I’ve been more likely to use homemade nut milk because I’m a control-freak like that. My husband loves regular full-fat coconut milk in his coffee.

  • specksmom says:

    You can also easily train yourself to drink black coffee. Once you get over the face there’s no creamer in it, you get used to it quickly and it’s not bad.

  • veganvamp says:

    powdered soy milk is available in Chinese supermarkets, not Japanese.

  • wendy says:

    i haven’t tried it but they do make portable soy creamers:

  • Laura says:

    I drink coffee made with hot soy milk. 100% milk; no water. Very strong coffee (instant expresso). I tried Almond milk but it seperated. It was nasty. Will the creamer do the same??

  • Chloe says:

    I use all the ones u listed above-and I also use Wildwood Organic Soy Milk Creamer, 1 Pint

  • vlizard says:

    I would be most interested in a powdered vegan creamer. I use to use powdered milk in my studio, just a dry teaspoon in a cup of coffee, but I couldn’t bear the guilt. I usually go without the coffee now because all the soy creamers become questionable before I can finish them. If only I could find powdered soy milk….. does it exist? I heard rumours but I’ve yet to find it in stores and I’m in the burbs of Toronto.

  • shannon says:

    Oh, Wildwood Soy Creamer is by FAR the best! It makes even bad coffee taste good! Just try it – you won’t be sorry!

  • Jen says:

    I’m a (former) barista as well and trader joe’s soy creamer is perfectly fine for an americano. And far less calories than cream!

  • Lori K says:

    So Delicious Coconut Creamer is fantastic! It doesn’t add a flavor of its own, it simply smooths out the coffee bite.

  • Sharon says:

    Coffee Rich, in the frozen dairy section, is great too.

  • Andrea Wittenburg says:

    I have used the Soy Milk for a no. of years now. . .I use the chocolate in my coffee. . .really enjoy it as it adds just a hint of sweetness without the sugar. . .

  • Colleen says:

    I prefer MimicCreme Coffee Creamer over the others listed.

  • Lynne says:

    I make my own half and half. Half Silk Hazelnut creamer and half Almond Breeze Original. Perfect!

  • Kirsten Carlson says:

    Thanks for posting this information. Do you know of any creamers for on the go. I am looking for something for eating out and backpacking.

  • zoey thorson.... says:

    ummm…coming from a barista those are all pretty bad choices…pacific soy…

  • Lorelei Levesque says:

    I love the Almond Milk for a latte!

  • Daisy says:

    Hi Helena & fellow vegans! I personally love Silk (French Vanilla) Creamer, but have used most of the above & are all good. I like my coffee a bit sweet & light, & have found that the creamers have more consistency so make the coffee lighter than regular milks. Also, I do request soymilk whenever I order coffee at Paneras or Starbucks & they are happy to accomodate! If only the vegan milk companies would make those nifty little one-serving containers for travel or eating in restaurants…perhaps we should write to them & suggest it. 🙂

  • Stephaniekaye says:

    I use silk almond milk! Vanilla! A sweet protein-enriched way to start my day! 🙂