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Top 20 Accidentally Vegan Foods

Who doesn’t love surprises? I get so excited when I discover that some of my favorite candies and snacks are vegan. What makes something “accidentally vegan“?* These are foods that were not created with the purpose of feeding vegans but rather were a happy accident showing that delicious treats of all kinds can be made without using dairy products, honey, or other animal-derived ingredients.

Here are the top 20 foods that made me jump for joy when I discovered that they were vegan:

1. Cinnamon Life

2. Duncan Hines Double Fudge Decadent Brownie Mix


3. Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Cones

Oreo Ice Cream Cones

4. Airheads

5. Cracker Jack

6. Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili–Flavored Tortilla Chips

7. Fritos

8. Fruit by the Foot

9. Kettle Brand Potato Chips (sea salt and vinegar)

10. Lay’s Potato Chips (barbecue and classic)

11. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (peanut butter)

12. Ritz Crackers

13. Ruffles Original Potato Chips

14. Sour Patch Kids

15. Wheat Thins

16. Hershey’s Syrup

17. Ore Ida Tater Tots

Ore Ida Tater Tots

18. Pringles (original and BBQ varieties only)

Pringles Original

19. Nabisco Oreo 100 Cal Thin Crisps
Nabisco 100 Cal Oreo Thin Crips

20. Jell-O Cook & Serve Vanilla Pudding & Pie Filling

Jell-o Vanilla Pudding

Be right back—I’m going to 7-Eleven for Airheads and Fritos.

*PETA promotes a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. If you choose to eat “junk food,” we suggest picking from options that do not contain animal products.