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Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Pigs

Attention, shoppers: Stop picking up dead “Babes” and “Wilburs” at the grocery store! Here are our top 10 reasons to keep pork off your fork and put delicious Babe-free alternatives on your shopping list instead.

1. Porking You Up
It’s a fact—ham, sausage, and bacon strips will go right to your hips. Eating pork products, which are loaded with artery-clogging cholesterol and saturated fat, is a good way to increase your waistline and increase your chances of developing deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, asthma, and impotence. Research has shown that vegetarians are 50 percent less likely to develop heart disease, and they have 40 percent of the cancer rate of meat-eaters. Plus, meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than pure vegetarians are.

Fat Overweight Men's Stomachs

2. Pigs Have Feelings Too
Ninety-seven percent of pigs in the United States today are raised in factory farms, where they will never run across sprawling pastures, bask in the sun, breathe fresh air, or do anything else that comes naturally to them. Crowded into warehouses with nothing to do and nowhere to go, they are kept on a steady diet of drugs to keep them alive and make them grow faster, but the drugs cause many of the animals to become crippled under their own bulk.

Two Pigs in Grass

3. Pigs and Playstations
Think that you can outplay a pig on your Playstation? You may be surprised. According to research, pigs are much smarter than dogs, and they even do better at video games than some primates. In fact, pigs are extremely clever animals who form complex social networks and have excellent memories. Eating a pig is like eating your dog! As actor Cameron Diaz put it after hearing that pigs have the mental capacities of a 3-year-old human: “[Eating bacon is] like eating my niece!

Happy pig

4. Pigs Prefer Mud, Not Crud
Pigs are actually very clean animals. If they are given sufficient space, pigs are careful not to soil the areas where they sleep or eat. And forget the silly saying “sweating like a pig”—pigs can’t even sweat! That’s why they bathe in water or mud to cool off. But in factory farms, they’re forced to live in their own feces and vomit and even amid the corpses of other pigs. Conditions are so filthy that at any given time, more than one-quarter of pigs suffer from mange—think of your worst case of poison ivy, and imagine having to suffer from it for the rest of your life.

Cute Pig

5. Farming Family Values
Factory farms are pure hell for pigs and their babies. Mother pigs spend most of their lives in tiny “gestation” crates, which are so small that the animals are unable to turn around or even lie down comfortably. They are repeatedly impregnated until they are slaughtered. Piglets, who are taken away from their distraught mothers after just a few weeks, have their tails chopped off, their teeth are clipped off with pliers, and the males are castrated—all without painkillers.


6. The Manure Is Blowing in the Wind …
A pig farm with 5,000 animals produces as much fecal waste as a city of 50,000 people. In 1995, 25 million gallons of putrid hog urine and feces spilled into a North Carolina river, immediately killing between 10 and 14 million fish. To get around water pollution limits, factory farms will frequently take the tons of urine and feces that are stored in cesspools and turn them into liquid waste that they spray into the air. This manure-filled mist is carried away by the wind and inhaled by the people who live nearby.

Sad Pig

7. Bacteria-Laden Bacon and Harmful Ham
Extremely crowded conditions, poor ventilation, and filth in factory farms cause such rampant disease in pigs that 70 percent of them have pneumonia by the time they’re sent to the slaughterhouse. In order to keep pigs alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them and to promote unnaturally fast growth, the industry keeps pigs on a steady diet of the antibiotics that we depend on to treat human illnesses. This overuse of antibiotics has led to the development of “superbacteria,” or antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. The ham, bacon, and sausage that you’re eating may make the drugs that your doctor prescribes the next time you get sick completely ineffective.

pig killed for food

8. Hell on Wheels
More than 170,000 pigs die in transport each year, and more than 420,000 are crippled by the time they arrive at the slaughterhouse. Transport trucks, which carry pigs hundreds of miles through all weather extremes with no food or water, regularly flip over, throwing injured and dying animals onto the road. These terrified and injured animals are rarely offered veterinary care, and most languish in pain for hours; some even bleed to death on the side of the road. After an accident in April 2005, Smithfield spokesperson Jerry Hostetter told one reporter, “I hate to admit it, but it happens all the time.”


9. Killing Them Without Kindness
A typical slaughterhouse kills up to 1,100 pigs every hour, which makes it impossible for them to be given humane, painless deaths. The U.S. Department of Agriculture documented 14 humane slaughter violations at one processing plant, where inspectors found hogs who “were walking and squealing after being stunned [with a stun gun] as many as four times.” Because of improper stunning methods and extremely fast line speeds, many pigs are still alive when they are dumped into scalding-hot hair-removal tanks—they literally drown in scalding-hot water.


10. Ditch the Bacon and Get Fakin’
Save pigs from hell and yourself from bad health by feasting on faux pork products instead. Stuff a sandwich full of Yves brand veggie ham slices, or throw some Lightlife Smart Bacon into a sizzling skillet—the freezer and “health food” sections of your local grocery or health food stores are packed full of these and other tasty substitutes.


Think before you eat another sausage link—order a free vegan starter kit full of delicious recipes and celebrity features today!

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  • Opinion says:

    Ew, why would you want a substitute? It’s easy not to eat bacon, it tastes horrid. And ham is so salty I can feel my body recoiling.

  • Elizabeth says:

    OK, I am a highly qualified amateur about this stuff. Here is why: I grew up on a farm, my father was a game hunter, my grandfather was a pig farmer, I have a diet high in animal protein due to gastric bypass surgery which requires me to eat much of my diet consisting of lean proteins. I was a vegetarian for years and I ended up weighing over 340 pounds. Now I weigh 130 pounds less than that. I love animals. I also respect people like Temple Grandlin, who is a Dr. of animal science who devises human ways to slaughter animals. Like her, I do not do well with no animal protein, and when I don’t eat animal protein, I eat more and more carbs, which is why I became obese. I can eat very little carbohydrates, because they make my blood sugar drop quickly after consuming them. Pigs are very intelligent. They are also a good source of food if slaughtered from the wild, or given humane conditions and free range feeding. For example, pigs in Europe are less disease ridden than here in the states, because they roam and rot for food. My grandfather fed his pigs corn and let them graze. Also, the invasive pigs in the South of the US and in Hawaii are very healthy because they eat naturally, in the wiild, and are donated to the poor for food when caught and killed. A chicken will kill you just as fast as undercooked pork…beleive me, I had salmonella for a month. Vegetarianism is a good thing to aspire to, but I think the better focus should be on eating less meat for most people, eating only ethically raised and slaughtered meat, and changing the factory farms to places of human living for animals. I also agree with hunting for your own food.If you have to kill your meat and gut it, you will eat less of it. I watched my father do it for years, and I know most of you could not take it. I need to eat meat, as my gut will not digest vegetable proteins sufficiently. As it is, I have to take B-12 supplements. But the gastric bypass saved me. Saved my life. I really think balance is the way to go. Let’s clean up our environment, treat animals kindly, even if we intend to eat them, and clean up all the pollution in the ocean. We need to voluntarily control our population so that we can sustain our lives ethically,and teach Urban dwellers the value of back yard farming. We can do this in a balanced way, folks. So let’s do it!

  • iwona says:

    The main reason not to eat a cadaver of any sort (pig, human or rats) is that it is against human nature. I have yet to meet a human who would eat a roadkill full of maggots with delight sharing the find with her children. Raping our own nature daily using poinless excuse that it had been done before. Murder and wars were done before but it does not make us natural killers. Mythical human omnivore does not exist or perhaps you will be the first one to demonstrate? I will jump the bowl full of ripe mangoes and raspberries while you’ll polish steamy guts of a furry squirrel.

  • Laura says:

    I Love animals and I am thankful that my parents did not raise me eating pork I am disgusted by farms who do these things I am actually considering becoming a vegetarian.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pigs eat their own manure.

  • nitram says:

    @GPS Tracking System. Salutes to you but those chicken, what are they fed with, how much room “lebenrum” do they have? If they’re given fishpellet the omega 3 and 6 ratio gets fuxked up. They’re usually getting it from eating worms.
    And then we have Salmon. Either one get’s poisoned by mercury and get the right o3:o6 ratio or one get’s the wrong levels by “farmed” ones. I read theyre swimming literally in their own shit and some of those fishes get heart attack something which is seldom or ever happenening to fishes in the wild.

  • nitram says:

    The cattles (except perhaps swine) are supposed to eat grass not Soya. It’s destroying their meat and make a bad life for the animals. Humans should not eat Soya as well if they don’t want to consume estrogens. Vegans need B12. A whole dirty industry of pillmaking is necessary for your living habits and you defence the perversion of meat by “instead of giving the cattles soya eat it yourself”. If it’s overpopulation and androgynous people your’e in for well then you’re on the right way. And yes I agree the meat industry is really sick. 1 kg of decent meat (grasseating cattles with big space to live in) cost about $50 here.

  • B. Porter says:

    I know from experience that piglets are more bothered by being held than by being castrated (without painkillers). They can’t really feel in those areas that young, so far as I can tell.

    I will say that this article doesn’t lie. It does, however, reach an incorrect conclusion. You should, if you care about humane treatment of animals, aviod store bought pork. But you can buy local pork instead. At least half of the health issues are resolved by buying humane-raised pork, and the others can be fixed by not eating too much.

  • Terry says:

    pig’s don’t sweat therefore they can’t sweat out toxins so it’s not agood thing that they dont sweat and they eat their own kind. there is areason God told the jews not to eat pork you can treally learn from the old testament. I’m not jewish but I agree.

  • foxi says:

    how can you say pigs are dumb or disgusting..i own a pet pig she is smart..clean …and not stupid..yes i agree all slaughter houses should be investigated and shut down..

  • Jack yell says:

    So you’re saying farms condition is awful. In the US, I assume. you’re campaigning to the wrong audience then. Bring it to the farmers or goverment instead.

  • Kevin says:

    I don’t even like to eat pork but when offered I find it hard to refuse (stereotypes). Anyways pigs are the most disease-laden, usually being to number 1 meat for food poisoning, that’s why its not something normal to see medium-rare pork or pork tartares. Pork doesn’t taste great and bacon is just disgusting.

  • Brian says:

    Wow, I am not a vegetarian but this is appalling. By the way, I recommend you put the bit about castration as the #1 reason on your list. Certainly it goes ahead of video games. Pigs are dumb animals, but that is cruel. Something to think about.

  • Matthew says:

    Raising your own pigs (like I do) takes care of 7 of the 9 (I don’t believe point 4 has any relevance to anything…). To each their own.

  • Brookelyin says:

    pigs are very discusting animals to eat. do not eat them. they have alive larva inside the meat pork, bacon, ham, sausage. the larva’s mate inside the meat and then give birth to more larva, which makes more and more. it multiplys and soon your whole piece of meat will be larva full. but you just cant see the larva. larva is very bad for heart your blood your blood cells. it causes heart diseases and lukemia. and a bunch of other things. so im telling you don’t eat pork!!!!! :(:) (ps it is veryyyyyyy unhealthy.)

  • Alberto says:

    30 days to digest steak? You’ve obviously never taken a day of biology or anatomy. Our teeth ARE designed to shred meat; structure relates to function in bio, and the fact that we can digest meat compounds onto the fact that we are biologically omnivores. Stop ignoring the truth (especially you, Erika). Erika, your case is a rarity. Good for you that you’ve chosen to avoid meat, but don’t attribute that to your state of health right now versus others’. Lean meat, even if it’s red, is good for you in decent amounts. Eating processed baloney every day? Not good. A lean steak once in a while? LOADS of health benefits, including higher levels of selenium, potassium, zinc, and more.

    This veggie-meat campaign is a load of garbage; that stuff is full of weird substitutes and modified food you shouldn’t eat. Just another money making scheme for the people who run this site.

  • Panchody says:

    if u get a chance go to a slaughterhouse for pigs and cows,i no longer eat swine no pizza ,subway,ect. Just learned it take about 30 days for ur body to digest steak, i heard if it has 4 legs its bad 4 u if has 2 it ok to eat.

  • Akhman says:

    Don’t even go there! Suggest turkey or a different meat, but the transition into veggie meat is too hard.

  • hippie says:

    Some people out there are just crazy basturds. Sad but true

  • Poquosonrn says:

    Tobi and realist- you obviously have lost all compassion and humanity

  • Erika says:

    Tobi, have you ever researched the dieting needs of a human? I have been living off of vegetables, fruits, and grains for over two years now, and i haven’t had meat in almost ten years. My doctor says i am healthier than a lot of his clients who do eat meat. If you realize how much factory farmed meats have been altered and added to with chemicals, you would realize how dangerous it is to our health to ingest that over years and years. Not just meat, but any processed food. Not only that, but humans are the only mammals who dare to drink the milk of another mammal. How natural is that??? Also, from the very beginning, humans were given only the fruits of the trees to eat. Even our teeth are made for grinding, not tearing flesh. Our teeth are similar to those of a horse. Meat eating only made its appearance after sin entered the world. Ergo, eating flesh is the direct product of evil.

  • Art Baur says:

    For any living thing to survive it must consume energy. Weather it be plant or animal. All things are living, God put us here in dominion over them. To care and utilise them as we see fit to. As for the animal who die in auto mishaps. Don’t vedgies too have motor mishaps and are left to die and un-lovingly rot on the side of the road? At least we care enough to clean the poor pigs from the road.

  • Taz844 says:

    Well for those who believe the Bible,it says that we aren’t to eat pork anyway.they don’t sweat and to make things worse,they don’t get rid of they die with everything they are infected with.i live near a factory and I heard that some pigs got syphilis!enuff for me to say no!

  • animal lover says:

    This is ruthless. I mean,you kill animals and eat them. What if you were the animal and the animal was the human. Would you like it? Probably not. So I think the warehouses should start treating those animals with respect.

  • Preacher says:

    While I admire Nagi’s Scripture references, it has led him/her to a false conclusion. While the Bible calls pigs unclean, have you considered why? You seem to have a misunderstanding of God’s moral law and civil law. Abstaining from pork has NOTHING to do with God’s holiness, but more towards health. Foodborne illness was the concern, NOT offending the Almighty.

  • Tobi says:

    Humans can NOT survive (and be healthy) on just vegetables.

    We are omnivores. This means we need both meat and vegetables in order to be healthy.

  • MB says:

    I nearly cried when I read this… I had no idea something so inhumane was taking place just to make spoiled Americans happy. Shame.

  • realist says:

    what a load of crap

  • Plant Lover says:

    Plants feel pain too and do their best to stay alive. Just because you can’t hear the plant scream when you cut it doesn’t mean it’s not registering that pain. I suppose because they don’t have cute faces and cuddle up with us that it’s acceptable to kill them for food. Please stop this plant cruelty immediately.

  • jesseryandiaz says:

    While farm animals’ purposes may have originally been for the consumption by humans, humans have crossed the line by mass producing animals for mankind’s gluttonous self-indulgence. Even after humans have developed the capabilities to survive without meat, we still selfishly continue to abuse and slaughter animals with insensitivity and contempt. To be anything but vegan is abominable.

  • Gracie Calhoun says:

    i havent ate pig in 6 years and i am in LOVE with pigs. i have encouraged my friends not to eat so much of it and some of them have totally stopped like me. Everyday i go through getting bullied by people at my school. They yell bacon at me and say its so good but i just ignore them and keep living my life cause i love pigs so much! Jaklien you sound like a good care giver! im glad you dont mistreat those cute adorable like pigs! 😀 what ive read about this breaks my heart into a MILLION little pieces! 🙁 i just hate people who tease me about bacon and kill pigs! We should get together and go to Washington and go on strike ( stop killing pigs!) i can see how pigs would over populate but al im saying is that they should find another way to kill SOME pigs not all

  • Against Cruelty says:

    Having just read that I am distraught. Especially the one about them not dying after being stunned and drowning in scalding hot water. Pork products will never be banned, so surely orders must be in place to make sure they don’t suffer a horrible death. Disgusting.

  • Kirk says:

    Too many pigs are being killed. Somebody needs to buy a pet pig and raise it and keep it alive for several years until it dies of old age. I think I’ll do that sometime soon.

    Or they could compromise and just slaughter it painlessly once it’s several years old and lived a good life.

  • Nagi says:

    Both the Bible and the Quran prohibit the eating of pork. Muslims are aware of this prohibition and observe it strictly. However, most readers of the Bible say they do not know where they can find this in the Bible.
    In the book of Leviticus, chapter 11, v. 7, it is recorded that God declares the pig to be unclean for believers. Then, in verse 8, God says: You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you. This command is repeated in Deuteronomy 14:7-8. Then, in Isaiah 65:2-4, and 66:17, God issues a stern warning against those who eat pork.
    Some people are aware of this prohibition from God, but they say that they can eat pork because St. Paul said that all food is clean in his letter to the Romans 14:20. St. Paul said this because he believed (as he wrote in his letter to the Ephesians 2:14-15) that Jesus had abolished the Law with all its commandments and regulations. He seems, however, to have misunderstood what he heard about Jesus. In the Gospel According to Matthew 5:17-20, Jesus is reported to have said quite the contrary, as follows: Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law . . . .” Jesus then went on in that passage (in verse 19) to denounce anyone who would break the smallest commandment and teach others likewise. He also praised his true followers who will practice and teach even the smallest commandment. One of the commandments, as we have seen, is to stay away from pork.
    This is why the true followers of Jesus, holding on to his teachings, did not let unclean food such as pork enter their mouths, so that Peter, the chief disciple, can say, I have never eaten anything impure or unclean (Acts of the Apostles, ch. 10, v. 14)
    Five chapters later in the Acts of the Apostles, 15:29, we find that the original disciples still differentiate between clean and unclean foods, and this time Paul is in agreement with them. Six chapters later, in ch. 21, v. 25, their decision to impose food regulations on believers is mentioned without regret, and this time Paul is challenged to prove that he is in agreement with them; and he demonstrated his full agreement with them.
    What remains, then, is that Jesus, on whom be peace, upheld the prohibition against pork. His disciples also upheld it, and so must all his followers. Those who fail to uphold it need to be informed and reminded of this rule from God. This is one reason why God sent His final messenger, on whom be peace. God says:
    O people of the Scripture ! Now has Our Messenger come unto you, expounding unto you much of that which you used to hide in the Scripture, and forgiving much. Now has come unto you light from Allah and a plain Scripture. (The Meaning of the Glorious Quran 5:15).

    Read more:

  • Jaklien says:

    @me: no they don’t. Not if they can vaoid it, which they sometimes can’t in those huge pork-factories people tend to keep them in. My pigs eat grass and lie in the mud when it’s hot. They have a wonderful life, are clean and never ill. Just by giving them thye opportunity to do what they would naturally do. And after having given them a life like that, I don’t feel guilty eating pork!

  • me says:

    pigs eat their own poo.. done.

  • saving the world says:

    @just me here.. what are you talking about? it would be much better for the pigs not to be here, all you meat eaters should see that animals are not put on this earth for our amusement.. we share this planet not own. Have some respect for life and go vegan!

  • Down with Pork! says:

    Pigs are biologically similar to humans, and their meat is said to taste similar to human flesh. Pigs have been used for dissection in biology labs due to the similarity between their organs and human organs. People with insulin-dependent diabetes usually inject themselves with pig insulin. If you pour Coke (yes, the soda) on a slab of pork, and wait a little while, you will see worms crawl out of it.

    “One reason for God’s rule forbidding pork is that the digestive system of a pig is completely different from that of a cow. It is similar to ours, in that the stomach is very acidic. Pigs are gluttonous, never knowing when to stop eating. Their stomach acids become diluted because of the volume of food, allowing all kinds of vermin to pass through this protective barrier. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, and toxins can pass into the pigs flesh because of overeating. These toxins and infectious agents can be passed on to humans when they eat a pig’s flesh.
    @ Bacon is Awesome, the excuse that you can eat it because the rule is under the old law is ridiculous. Jesus Christ said in Matthew that He came to uphold the law, not abolish it. There is no old or new law.
    @Angered by Ignorance,even hog farmers who insist that corn fed hogs are safe won’t give you a guarantee that their indoor hogs haven’t eaten any rats, mice, fecal waste, or maggots within the past few days. The metal doorknobs in pig nurseries, become corroded after a year or so, due to the gases produced by the pigs urine and feces. The same gas and pig dander that eat away metal doorknobs are harming the respiratory tracts of hog farmers. Their unusually high incidences of respiratory ailments, from coughing and sniffles to lung scarring and pneumonia can no longer be attributed to weather and allergies alone. The hog waste spills from hog farms are contaminating our land, our rivers, and our water supply. Pork should be considered a homotoxin (human poison) and the probable cause of many common sicknesses and degenerative diseases.

  • cat says:

    ok i believe mayb pigs arent gud to eat due to sum things as worms n em n how i feel wen i eat a pig but to not have all the hormons in pigs or any meat wuld u go organic or jus no pig to have a more natural pig cuz now adays i like wild pig over pig from the store but i also dont like how im feelin wen i eat pig ?????

  • Just Me Here says:

    Let’s all stand back for a minute.
    If we didn’t eat pigs, then what purpose would pigs serve?
    Would they be kept as pets? Would they do any jobs?
    ….would they be let into the wild to fend for themselves in a world that, largely, isn’t suitable for them?

    If everyone stopped eating pigs, there would be few or NO pigs. It seems a bit backwards, but think about it.
    Why would they breed them if nobody wanted to eat them? Unless people wanted to have them as pets (not saying they don’t exist, but they’d be few and far between) then we’d have no need for them.
    Eventually, they would be no more.
    Unless you want pig’s milk, but then we have the vegans making no sense about how we should reject dairy.

    The best thing to do isn’t to stop eating pigs altogether, but to get your meat from approved, free range sources. They aren’t always easy to come by, but if we show that the demand is there for free range, then minds will change.

    Now, raise you ham sandwiches!

  • Elliott says:

    I would respect the decision to not eat pigs. The majority of antibiotics are fed to our animals, which is a little startling. These pigs were engineered to be fat, and do not taste like the same pigs our ancestors ate. If your are eating CAFO pigs, your are making the environment a much more aeful place for your grand children to live. A world of pigs from the same gene, no diversity, only open to illness. Please, if you do eat pigs, eat HERITAGE breeds. And if your vegan, please buy organic. Vegan people, you are trying to help make the world a cleaner place. Thank you. As for the angered by ignorance, you probably haven’t changed your mind about food since you were raised. Continue this American diet, your body will suffer. Read the Omnivores Dilemma. All of you. Change this world, don’t let corporate agriculture spoon feed you animals with bar codes.Do it for the future generations.

  • Peacemaker says:

    Most of us eat the foods we do because we are hungry and like the taste. It is so difficult to control what we eat and I admire anyone who is able to keep their flesh in check. Whether God’s law or not, what goes into our mouths has an impact on our health. Someone at work today asked me if I felt healthier not having eaten pork or shellfish for 11 years. I don’t for certain, but like Marcy, I’m sure that it is right for me. Stick to your guns are on the right path.

  • Avril Hughes says:

    I am a vegetarian and am proud of it! Just imagine if someone kept you in a confined space druged you up and cut off your teeth. Didn’t let you walk around. Killed you whenever they pleased. I don’t think you would like it, would you?

  • says:

    Really? REALLY??? These are your reasons not to eat pigs? Have you been on a farm? By law they are required to stay clean, not to mention check ups by ASPCA, saying that these pigs are confined to live in their own feces and vomit is a total lie. Farrowing crates are used to ensure that the piglets don’t get crushed by their mom, a sow weighs about 300 pounds or more, and the pigs don’t even care, the gentle pressure on their sides is calming to them. Also by law, you are required to slaughter farm animals, all of them, in the most humane way possible, if the slaughterhouse has that many violations, they will be shut down, the stun gun is used to make them brain dead in a matter of 2 seconds, then they are officially slaughtered from there, it is the most humane way to do it. They also have to make sure that the meat doesn’t get bruised so they don’t just shove a ton of pigs into a crate and go on. Maybe you are seeing what you want to see, but it’s coming off as ignorance, maybe if you knew about agriculture you wouldn’t have to keep posting reasons to be this and that, and these people would know facts, not stupid reasons that aren’t even real.

  • bacon_is_awesome says:

    As far as the bible comment on not eating pork, that is part of the old law, law that isn’t neccessary thanks to Jesus Christ. If you want to play the bible card, the bible also says not to interact with women on their periods. Though I’m guessing you don’t follow THAT teaching. Christians absolutely love to pick and chose whatever helps them or makes them feel better.

  • Animalkiller says:

    I love me some bacon, pork chops, sausage, and anything else that comes from a pig. You stupid liberal bastards are going to starve whenever the depression hits you’ll
    Be begging for a piece of meat. Every one of you stupid hippie, tree hugging faggots can go to hell

  • heronimus mascarenhas says:

    the bible averses pork is a prophesied admonition of God. now you know where pork eating has led man to.always listen to God and obey him: you will prosper even physically.

  • lizzzzzzy says:

    im so happy i was born as a muslim because it is haraam in the religion to consume pork. i have so much empathy for the poor piggies as they are one of my favorite animals.

  • Marcy Agget says:

    I am 16 years of age and plenty old enough to decided what to ant not to eat. My mother on the other hand reqently tries to force me to eat pork. I will not eat pork. She hides it from me. She lies to e. I ask what kind of meat it is and she says beef. I check the label and its pork. She does that on purpose. When i have children of my own, i will not ever serve them pork. It will be their choice on weither or not to eat it but i will never serve it to them. I love kosher brands of food. Hebrew international is one of my favorites.

  • GPS Tracking System says:

    I am the President of TSD and I rarely eat red meat and pork. Also, only will eat farm fresh chicken. I try to be a vegetarian because I am completely against animal cruelty, but I find myself lapses from time to time. However, if we cannot eliminate the consumption of animals at least we should reduce it. If everyone only ate meat once or twice a week it would have a huge impact on the ridiculous amount of animals being slaughtered for no reason.

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