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Top 10 Desserts of All Time

Written by Amy Snyder | September 12, 2007

My sweet tooth comes and goes in waves, and it is definitely here right now. Last night, I enjoyed store-bought vegan chocolate chip cookies, but taking the time to make homemade desserts is really where it’s at. The satisfaction of making a difficult dessert is almost as rewarding as the taste—almost.

Since I’m in a dessert-craze phase, I decide to compile a list of my top 10 favorite desserts of all time. Kind of a “my life wouldn’t be complete if I never ate these things again” list. Most have some connection to my childhood, while others I discovered as an adult. And my favorites are…

1. Pecan Pie: The crunch of the pecan layer on top of the pie is perfectly complemented by the gooey filling inside.

2. Grasshopper Cake: Grit-style chocolate cake layered with mint icing and chocolate chips.

3. Glazed Doughnuts: Simple, classic, and delicious warm.

4. Brownie à la Mode: Top homemade warm brownies with store-bought vanilla soy ice cream. Get really crazy and top with chocolate sauce and cherries.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies: Even better when you use two to make a cookie sandwich.

6. Strawberry Shortcake: This has been one of my favorites since the age of 3, when my entire birthday was Strawberry Shortcake—the doll, not the food—themed.

7. Anything Lemon-Blueberry: The flavor combination works well in a pie or in a cake with lemon-flavored layers and a blueberry topping.

8. Carob-Mint Cookies: I fell in love with these scone-like cookies at Real Food Daily in Santa Monica.

9. Pecan Pinwheels: Someone please veganize these!

10. Pralines: SusanV at FatFree Vegan Kitchen says to create this Southern staple by substituting Earth Balance margarine for the butter and Silk Creamer for the creamer or half-and-half in any good praline recipe.

What are your favorite vegan desserts?


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