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Grab a Vegan Mid-Workday Snack at Starbucks

The following article was written by Kaitlynn Kelly.

Getting ready for the workday is always a challenge for me. Between waking up late and missing the train, chaos often happens, so I frequently skip a healthy vegan breakfast. Missing breakfast is not good, especially when your stomach starts growling three hours before lunchtime.

When that happens, my coworkers and I enjoy a visit to the local Starbucks. But Kaitlynn, you say, Starbucks probably doesn’t have anything healthy or vegan—all it serves are muffins and cookies! How could you possibly find something to eat there? Luckily, Starbucks has veganized some of its breakfast options, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fruit cup
  • Roasted nut blend (cashew and almond)
  • Cranberry flax scone
  • Granola bar
  • Plain bagel
  • Low-fat multigrain roll

Although these choices will vary regionally, several are available nationally. If you have any concerns, ask your server for a list of ingredients. You can also visit the Starbucks website for all nutrition, ingredient, and allergy information.

Starbucks also offers soy milk, so it is easy to make your favorite vegan coffee concoction to go along with your fresh vegan scone. My favorite drink is the soy vanilla latte (venti, of course), but the soy frappes are also quite delicious if you want a cool summer treat. Don’t see an item that suits your taste buds? Simply ask the barista on duty! Starbucks baristas love constructive feedback and constantly adapt their menu to suit their customers.

Start your day the vegan way!

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  • Amanda Michelle @ Pretty Little Vegan says:

    Love this.. it can be so difficult to find vegan snacks at coffee shops. I’m happy that Starbucks gives us some options!

  • the who t shirt says:

    Starbucks is the most popular,great choice for a quick refreshment. nice article Kaitlynn

  • vegan4ever says:

    I heard that bagels are not vegan nor vegetarian. They contain L-Cysteine made of animal products. Did you check the ingredients with Starbucks?


  • V says:

    Look for the new Bistro Boxes coming out in the next few weeks. There’s a vegan friendly sesame noodle box with tofu, pickled cucumbers, plenty of veg. I have tried it and it’s wonderful.

  • MarSane says:

    That is good news indeed. Every place which serves vegan options and can be reached easily is good news! Do you happen to know if Starbucks is also offering vegan options in Germany?

  • hvymtlmom says:

    the scone & granola bar aren’t listed on the Starbucks site yet, so thanks for giving us a heads-up that they’re vegan!

  • Nikki says:

    On July 12th we are releasing bistro boxes (with tofu,seasame noodles, etc.), and I just ate the sample one today, SO GOOD, and VEGAN!

  • Vegan Eating Out says:

    Starbucks is a great choice for a quick refreshment. There are plenty more vegan food menu choices on Vegan Eating Out!

  • Chelsea Mychelle says:

    I love soy coffee frappacinos with sugar free hazelnut! Mmmm 🙂

  • pxystx says:

    Are you sure the frappes are vegan? I got a sneak peak at the syrup ingredients and read “contains milk”. Maybe someone can double check?