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‘No Recipe’ Summer Barbecue

Relaxing during a warm summer weekend inspires me to eat one thing: barbecue. This past weekend, we fired up the grill at my house and stuck to a strict “no recipe” policy to create a delicious feast full of comfort foods. The “no recipe” policy lets you get a little more creative—and you can taste as you go!—in order to create dishes that are perfect for your taste buds.

Here’s a look at what ended up on my table and in my tummy, along with suggestions for how to make them.


Seitan slathered in barbecue sauce can be cooked on the grill in slices, then cut into chunks or shredded to make a hearty sandwich. Make your own barbecue sauce, or use a bottled store-bought product.


Don’t forget to leave a few pieces of the seitan unsliced so they can be enjoyed on their own. All you need to make these is seitan and barbecue sauce.


For simple sides, try tossing tomato halves and corn on the cob with a little oil, salt, and pepper. That’s all you need.

Smashed Potatoes

To make a more complex and carb-heavy side, grill potatoes, onions, and jalapeños. After removing from the grill, dice the onions and jalapeños, mash the potatoes, and mix them all together. The only additional ingredients you’ll need to add are salt, pepper, and a little oil.



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  • Melissa says:

    I am going to a tailgate party, only vegan there. I was totally excited to see this post! I’m bringing BBQ seitan sandwiches, red potato & spinach salad, and I love your idea for corn on the cob–so simple! Thanks!

  • Fine Life Folk says:

    Isn’t it great to have no recipe for once and just stick to a set of comfort food for the day? I know it is.

  • Curtis says:

    WoW! Nice and easy and fun. Thanks for posting these. Now I just need to get myself a little BBQ for my little back patio and I’ll be ready to grill.