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Pooh Bear Smoothie

The following article was written by Carissa Leventis-Cox of Mama in the Kitchen, and she ain’t cookin’!

I can’t say it’s always easy feeding my family vegetables. Fruits are easy, but vegetables can be tough—particularly greens. Sometimes, as soon as my son sees a huge plate of salad in front of him, he sulks and says, “Oh no! Not again! Why can’t I just drink my favorite smoothie?”

Admittedly, the easiest way to get my son to eat more greens is through green smoothies. My husband and son love them with breakfast, lunch, or dinner or as a snack. I will make a big batch to last one to two days in order to make sure there’s always some available in the fridge.

Here is a recipe for our basic smoothie, which my son says “tastes just like honey” (although the recipe only contains fruit), which is why we have named it our “Pooh Bear Smoothie.” We enjoy it several times a week―hope you do too!

Pooh Bear Smoothie
2 dates (optional, but children prefer a sweeter smoothie)
2 cups or 2 big pieces seasonal fruit*
3 bananas (I sometimes freeze my bananas for a cooler drink in the spring and summer)
4 cups seasonal leafy greens (or more)
2 cups water (less or more depending on your preferred consistency)

  • Purée all the ingredients in a high-speed blender.

Makes 4 servings

*We love pears, mangos, and berries, but any seasonal fruit will do. In the fall, use pears, persimmons, pineapples, and pomegranates. In winter, try citrus fruits and pears. In spring, use apricots, mangos, pineapples, and strawberries. In the summer, berries, pitted cherries, figs, and peaches are great.

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  • hannah-lyz says:

    watcher132 – if that is the case, then Pizza most pasta dishes should be banned! Mixing the fruit tomato with onions and other veggies? Shocking! Stuffed peppers or squash? Scandelous! The only food no-no i can think is don’t eat undercooked lentils or beans (i found that out the hard way!)
    This sounds like a great smoothie! It’s the oposite in my household! My bf and his kiddie LOVE veggies and salad – but get them to eat fruit? Not a chance! I keep trying to find ways to get her to eat fruit, but no luck!

  • watcher432 says:

    I heard one should ALWAYS verify “facts”, regardless the medium said fact was published.

    What happens if you eat a salad with mandarins on top? Or even raisins atop a pile of romaine? Or if you eat a veggie wrap that happens to have tomatoes (as you should know, watcher132, tomatoes are fruits by categorization)…? I’m calling bs. Would you tell a caveman not to pick berries and eat them with a prehistoric squash? Nope, because I’ve never heard any such ridiculous claim as yours’.

  • Mama in the Kitchen says:

    Hi Charl – for kids spinach and romaine lettuce and some mild tasting sprouts or wild edibles are great. Kale is great too. Basically, any mild tasting green leafy veggies.
    Hi Watcher132, there are many theories out there. What’s the basis behind never mixing fruits with veggies but apple? When one purees fruits and veggies together, a lot has been broken down and it is easier on the digestion.

  • charl says:

    what leafy greens do you use?

  • Deb says:

    My green smootie is,,,,a handful of frozen pineapple pieces, 1 cup of orange juice, and 3 cups of fresh baby leaf spinach. OH MY GOSH, IT’S GREAT!

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  • watcher132 says:

    I heard one should NEVER mix fruits with vegetables unless it is an apple.