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Why Pigs Should Be Friends, Not Food

Written by PETA | March 1, 2013

In honor of pigs, we’d like to tell you why these smart, beautiful creatures should be friends, not food! You should leave pork off your plate and choose to love these adorable animals because:

Pigs are very social.

Pigs are intelligent (they’re actually smarter than dogs).

Pigs are outgoing.

Pigs dream.

Pigs don’t sweat and are actually very clean animals!

Pigs are curious creatures.

Pigs give each other “Eskimo kisses,” rubbing their noses together.

These are just a few of the reasons why pigs should be your friend, not your food. Tell us in the comments below why YOU choose to love pigs and leave them off your plate!

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  • Ermal says:

    I chose to leave pigs out off my plate because they don’t belong in my plate, they belong in their own nature with their families.
    Animals are not ours, being smarter than them doesn’t mean that we should own them, doesn’t mean that we should eat or take theirs skins or treat them like they are toys and that we control their lives, they have their own life to live and they are on this planet to live and die by nature causes, not by cutting them off so we humans can eat them.

  • Christopher Lopez says:

    Pigs also feel pain,

  • Ada says:

    In my childhood I was living in a farm area and our home was somehow near to a pigs slaughterhouse and for me it was a heartbreaking when it was the “killing time”; now after more than 40 years I still listening to their voice asking for help and still now, it makes me cry, I still heard then crying and suffering. That’s my very deep reason why I don’t eat meat and I LOVE THEM ALL instead, no matter what.

  • Chelsea says:

    I do not eat meat as I don’t see animals as food, I see them as one of us. They are living breathing Just like us, they have feelings just like us. They do not deserve to be killed for meat!

  • Irene Zaidi says:

    My husband were vegetarians for a very long time and now vegan. I feel proud of the decision not to stop a beating heart to eat it on my plate. Don’t need meat or want meat in my diet. We love animals and for the love of God people please don’t eat meat….Please stop

  • Tristan says:

    Although not the most beautiful of creatures the pig is a brilliant animal capable of amazing thought and learning a wide range of things. How can you like babies but not like an animal with a similar level of intelligence.

  • Ena says:

    No one should die just so I could have something on my plate to eat. There is no we or them, it is compassion or destruction. I choose compassion.

  • Karoly says:

    Please stop torturing the poor pigs, they deserve to live free and happy.

  • thomas says:


  • Natalia says:

    I’d never eat a pig because I have no need to feed from meat. Nothing justifies the torture we submit this creatures to. Even if they were dumb, horrible, dirty, violent and antisocial I’d still respect them and leave them alone to live their lives in peace.

  • Jimmy Urine says:

    I love animals and thus all animals are my friends.

  • Dayna says:

    It was the pig that made me give up eating meat and on my plant based food journey.It made me think about the food I consumed and the food I no longer wanted to eat. A miserable end to a miserable life. I am so glad I did!I owe this intelligent creature a lot! Piggy power! xx

  • PiggyMom says:

    I have a pig, so that’s a reason! I was vegan before getting him and I truely love him and call him my little baby-he’s like a little baby. He has made me even more compassionate for animals that I volunteer at a rescued farm animal sanctuary.

  • Anisca says:

    Thinking that eating intelligent, dreaming animals makes me cry. I have had many attempts at vegetarianism and pesceterianism, but I’m only 15 and iron-deficient, so eating no meat is quite a feat. However, I will not eat another pig. And hopefully, I’ll feel the same about every other animal in the near future. X

  • briana says:

    nothing anywhere said people have to eat meat. other ways to get protein are avail.alot of animals don’t eat meat , either. they are just as healthy or healthier than anything that does.

  • Mariette Eriksson says:

    we have no right to eat another animal i think they should be our friends instead of any thing else

  • Sheri says:

    I love that one poster wants a pet pig and another one visited a sanctuary! Pigs are awesome animals. We stupidly bought one from a farm and he died suddenly, probably due to genetic problems. Then after researching we rescued a little guy from a shelter. Please read all you can before getting a pig for a pet– he needs a safe dog-free yard to roam and root in and potbelly pig feed, not feed destined for those fattened for slaughter if he is to be healthy. Also, he needs a place that can handle him tracking in dirt on his hooves and snout.. If you are a picky housekeeper, think carefully before having an indoor pig. Check your zoning laws and find an exotic care vet before the pig gets home.

    Realize that TEACUP PIGS DO NOT EXIST!!! It’s like saying a baby won’t grow up. Shelters across the country are overflowing with unwanted pigs who got “too big” for their owners. Breeders will say anything to get your money and most don’t care about the animals they sell. Minipigs weigh 75-125 pounds which sounds huge but really is about knee high and two feet long. They don’t smell nor does their poop if they are fed potbelly chow. Neutering/spaying is a must to control mating behaviors.
    They are as curious as toddlers and can turn a house upside down just like a child, but they are the most wonderful animals to have in your life if you are lucky enough to share your life with one. Just don’t expect a dog with a snout.

  • Elsje Massyn says:

    I was a dumb human until I opened my soul up to understand the souls of farm animals. Pigs and all farm animals are nothing different from companion animals. The day I realized that I became a full VEGAN!! My eyes have been opened, a little late, but rather late than never. My wish and prayer is that the whole world would become Vegan/Vegetarian again just as it was in Paradise in Genesis 1: 29

  • Beatings4pigs says:

    Pigs are best served on the right side of the table.

  • yoga_runner says:

    It would be rewarding to own a refuge where farm animals have been rescued from butchering and allowed to live out their natural lifespans.

  • Sylvia says:

    Pigs like scratches on the back of their necks. Their tails wag back and forth (like dogs) which show how happy they are to see you, and also how sociable they are. And mostly, a good reason to keep pigs off your table is that pigs have complex, profound emotions and feelings. They feel pain. They feel fear and terror and sadness when they are on factory farms. They feel pain and terror when they are killed for human consumption. That’s why I don’t want to eat meat. I love pigs :). I even got to spend some time with them at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary. Awesome place.

  • Ashley says:

    Great article! Pigs are just as sweet and lovable as dogs, and it’s so tragic that much of the world chooses to portray them as dirty, stupid, and deserving to be eaten. Like so many others who have commented, animals absolutely do not deserve to be eaten, especially through the consistently painful lives and deaths to which they’re subjected. I hope that our world chooses to face the reality of factory farms, and more people get involved with making a difference and saving lives. Thank you, PETA.

  • Carol Taylor says:

    Mother pigs show love and care for their baby piglets. In the bible, God condemns eating pigs!!! A pigs anatomy is close to human. Their heart valves are transplantable with human heart valves so eating a pig is just sickening! Eat your veggies not piggies!!!!

  • Susan Rubin says:

    I don’t eat pigs because I am Jewish and vegatarian. Now that I see what beautiful and intelligent animals they are I hope to get back into being a Vegan.

  • Devin says:

    I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone but I just don’t see how anyone could possibly eat an animal. They are no different than us, a life is a life. Plus, humans obviously do not need meat to survive, so why eat them? i cannot understand why people would even consider it. Truly horrible!

  • jaxgrl says:

    After being a vegetarian for almost nine years, I could no more eat any kind of animal than I could my own foot.

  • Barb says:

    I am a vegetarian anyhow so I don’t anything that has a face or feelings. All animals have personallties and feelings and they are all beautiful. Leave meat off your plate. We don’t eat humans so what is the difference. Let animals live in peace.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    i love pigs.

  • Judy Bash says:

    This article, with its adorable pictures, reminds us once more why no one should kill and eat pigs. These are mammals with highly developed nervous systems, capable of feeling pain and deprivation to a great extent. In addition, pork is harmful to humans — perhaps the pig’s ultimate revenge against those sufficiently cruel and ignorant to eat these innocent creatures.

  • sanja dimitrijevic says:

    Pigs are wonderful animals, as all animals are. No animal should be eaten or killed to serve some twisted fashion or appetite need. When will the human race learn?! That was rhetorical, we will never learn and will ultimately destroy everything.

  • toni says:

    awwwwwwww I think pigs are a blast there is a hog JohnHenry 800lbs and doin fine and Doodlebug a pot belly that is so inter active I met last year goin back this year to visit 10 min from my home I luv them and since seeing how they are mistreated no more eating them ty PETA for ALL you do

  • Lisa says:

    I dont eat pork and never will!!

  • DIANE M. KASTEL says:


  • S.Cook says:

    Pigs are such beautiful creatures, much like every other breathing beautiful animal God created.
    Animals make this world a better place…it is time to enjoy their beauty and STOP eating them. =)

  • Nancy says:

    My family raised (breeding) pigs when I was little. All of these facts are 100% true. My sister and I used to take the runts into our home and feed them from bottles. They were toilet trained in an instant, cuddly, loveable, and knew exactly when we were coming home and would be waiting for us at the door.

    They roll in mud to keep cool and one of the only barn animals that would never sleep where they poop.

  • Ian M Hoggan says:

    Shame on the human race!
    My Wife and I call it the human avalanche. Nothing can stop it’s progress (if you can call it that?). 7 billion and rising!!!!
    I wish some nice aliens would come down and take me off this beautiful planet, just to get away. Animals, all animals on this planet are our cousins. We share so much DNA with them all that we have not the right to abuse them in their billions. Talk about Genocide!!! Keep up the good work that you are doing. It all helps.

  • Elaina says:

    Pigs are so cute! It is horrific how they are discriminated against and carelessly murdered! I just became vegan it was the best choice I’ve ever made. Once I move out, I’m going to get a beautiful pet pig!

  • heidi bjornson says:

    i love them because they are sweet silly and so adorable!

  • TK says:

    You should be more specific:pigs have been shown to have the intelligence of a 3 year old child!

  • patricia GUIRAN says:

    free and respect for the pigs

  • Mark says:

    I chose not to eat pigs as they are living creatures like cats and dogs and feel pain just like us humans do.

  • Maria Scuderi says:

    All life has value & who are we humans to believe we can harm them for our own greed & dinner plates – it sad to see these sweet animals licked up – abused & killed – look at those eyes & sweet faces – no , we can’t harm them . Just becsuse they can, doesn’t mean they should . Love you sweet pigs

  • bacon is not evil says:

    Hold on there…. if pigs are so smart why do they allow themselves to be herded? You won’t find dogs being herded!

  • mariah says:

    cant eat anything that i would pet

  • Rhiannon Croker says:

    I think this is great. I am a veggie and so never eat Pork. I think everyone should be aware of how great these lovely animals are.

  • Arsh 4m india says:

    I live in place where 1 mile away pigs are slaughtered……I feel so bad when i see little piglets and sometime i feed hungry pigs. They really live disgust full life. I am Vegan now Please be vegan and atleast feed hungry animal….No matter how ugly and dangerous that poor animal looks…..

  • Adriana Med says:

    I saw the way they handled them and it was not humane at all, it made me sad and mad…. I just decided to stop eating not only piggies but all kinds of meat.

  • Sam says:

    If these piggies are smarter than dogs what does this say of the people of whome most dogs are nicer and smarter?

  • Crystal Parsons says:

    Save our Pigs!

  • BobbiC. says:

    i choose to love pigs & never eat them because pigs are living creatures. nobody needs to die so i can eat. food just ends up in the toilet anyway, which i consider extremely rude & disgusting. pigs are friends, NOT FOOD!! my sister has a pig & he is the most loveable, loyal and smart animal i have ever known. when i go to visit, he remembers his “bobbi” & i can tell he loves me. and yes i kiss him on the lips. sweet little pig lips.