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Why Pigs Should Be Friends, Not Food

Written by PETA | March 1, 2013

In honor of pigs, we’d like to tell you why these smart, beautiful creatures should be friends, not food! You should leave pork off your plate and choose to love these adorable animals because:

Pigs are very social.

Pigs are intelligent (they’re actually smarter than dogs).

Pigs are outgoing.

Pigs dream.

Pigs don’t sweat and are actually very clean animals!

Pigs are curious creatures.

Pigs give each other “Eskimo kisses,” rubbing their noses together.

These are just a few of the reasons why pigs should be your friend, not your food. Tell us in the comments below why YOU choose to love pigs and leave them off your plate!

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  • Andrearose says:

    I haven’t eaten one of these beautiful creatures (or any other beautiful being) in over 8 years, when I was 12. I was questioning the consumption of meat back then and when I saw a truck of them headed to slaughter, the sadness in their eyes burnt into my heart forever. I never ate another bite of flesh, and I am SO much happier.

  • Babet Backers says:

    One look at them and you instantly know that you do not eat them, but love them.

  • TaraTownsend says:

    I stopped eating these wonderful creatures ages ago and can’t believe I ever did – thank goodness I learned to do the right thing. If only more people could see how horrid it is to eat these lovely, intelligent and friendly little ones.

  • Roxana says:


  • Sandra says:

    love pigs

  • Paulina Janik says:


  • ewelina says:

    I love them. They look so cute on these pictures <3 We should care more about their lives!

  • Madalena Torres says:

    I know that pigs are beautiful and intelligent creatures for a long time ago. I don´t eat them either.

  • sara says:

    please stop abusing animals

  • Dani Beattie says:

    Because they’re sooooooo cute! So adorable and soooo smart! Pigs are the sweetest creatures!

  • mariana birzala says:

    Love pigs

  • Anna says:

    i love pigs:)and i don’t eat them.

  • Natalie Teegarden says:

    there so cute

  • huiwen says:

    Piggies are so cuteee! They are companions not food ='(

  • sharon8970 says:

    Disgusting just seeing that pic turned my stomach, as they are lovely and intelligent animals S xx

  • claudio says:

    in my lifetime I’ve learn more from animals and just few from people, fortunatelly my respect from other living beings have grown with my age, my only regret is to not be able to help more animals to live the life they simply deserves.

  • Amit Shah says:

    Animals have a right to live. Just visit one of these places and see how they are slaughtered. If that does not bring tears to your eyes you are not a human.

  • Camille says:

    On devraient arrêter de tuer des animaux aussi inutilement, et de façon cruelle… Qui plus est, le cochon est un animal très intelligent. Et contrairement à beaucoup d’autre, il ressent la douleur. Alors faire ça sur un animal capable de souffrir, je trouve ça assez atroce…

  • Deborah says:

    Anissa, have you talked with your parents and a doctor? Perhaps iron supplements will help. There are some good natural, plant-based tablets available. You could shop around for the best fit if that works. I take iron tablets for the same reason, and have good iron counts.

  • Maria T Silva says:

    After that I will not eat meat anymore…

  • Marcy Greenhut says:

    Anisca! That’s awesome you’ll give up eating pigs! Are you interested in finding about about plant-based sources of iron? Did you know that MILK can cause your stomach lining to bleed and CAUSE anemia? There are numerous websites listing plant-based sources of iron. Maybe there’s helpful info here: Good luck!

  • Kassie says:

    Why do people think it’s okay for us to kill and eat animals? They have families and feelings. Ugh…

  • Jen Thwaites says:

    I saw a documentary about how pigs live their whole lives in cages where they aren’t able to move. I couldn’t stand seeing the images and decided then that I’d never eat pigs again. My aunt and uncle used to have a pig farm when I was little and I can’t help thinking how sad it is that factory farming has essentially taken over and how disgusting farming has become! I haven’t eaten pigs in over 10 years.

  • Souhaila says:

    THey are very sweet and loving and kind and furthermore they are creatures of God and they are full of His love. HE entrusts us with caring for them. They don’t deserve to live in inhumane conditions they need love and care just as any other animal would. I have so much love for them and have already given up eating pork long ago. It’s so easy to substitute pork there’s just no excuse. I’m mostly vegetarian as it is and I’m making the switch to becoming full vegetarian. I also only by cage free eggs. Simple things can really help. As well as not using makeup that tests on animals. I’d like to get involved in any way I can. Right now I don’t have a lot of money but when I do I’m going to make sure it goes to helping the lives of pigs and any other animal who needs it.

  • Vannesa says:

    meat is so overrated, “protein needs” too, so people eat meat that comes from innocent animals as if it is justified… most of it is just gluttony

  • lola says:

    I love animals……

  • rossany says:

    Respect other lives