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How to Order Vegan at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

P.F. Chang’s restaurant chain discovered a delicious recipe for success and never looked back: an upbeat and bustling atmosphere, good service, valet parking, and delicious vegan food have hungry diners lining up for tables.

The chain knows that the demand for meat-free cuisine has been growing exponentially, so the list of available plant-based options on its menu has been getting longer to keep up. Vegan dishes such as wok-seared tofu in cool lettuce leaves and coconut curry veggies are just too good to resist.

Here are our favorite dishes:


Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

Tofu, green onion, mint, water chestnuts, and crispy rice sticks make for a scrumptious lettuce feast!

Yummy lettuce wrap from PF Changs #pfchangs #lettuswraps #sooooogood #omg #perfect #healthyfoodshare #vegan

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Buddha’s Feast (Stir-Fried or Steamed)

A scrumptious mix of tofu, savory sauce, asparagus, shiitakes, broccoli, and carrots make this a popular menu item.

Coconut Curry Vegetables

Yellow curry sauce, crispy silken tofu, mushrooms, peanuts—keep calm and curry on.

Ma Po Tofu

Spicy red chili sauce, crispy silken tofu, and steamed broccoli will do the trick.

Stir-Fried Eggplant

Eggplant, sweet chili soy glaze, green onion, and garlic—how could you go wrong?

Jicama Kung Pao Tofu Tacos

Check specific locations for availability.


Traditional Edamame

Out for a bite! #PFChangs

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Orange Ginger Edamame

Sichuan-Style Asparagus

Rainbow Quinoa

Wok-Seared Spinach With Garlic


And there you have it! Eating vegan while on the go has never been easier.

Looking for more vegan fare?

Check out our guide to ordering vegan at chain restaurants. And if you’re ready to do something great for animals, your health, and the environment, pledge to go vegan today!

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  • Sara says:

    I was told by waitstaff a few days ago that they use egg when cooking their tofu. I am VERY confused. This waitstaff told me that the only vegan item was buddhas feast steamed. I was really disappointed because I’d already eaten vegetarian items there that I had been previously told by staff were vegan. They really need to put a policy up and clarify their standards – or at least better education their staff. Fine if they don’t want to label items vegan due to varying strictness of vegans on issues like processed sugar, but at least tell us what items are dairy and egg free. I don’t plan on going back in the near future.

  • Angela says:

    My sister and I recently visited a P.F.Changs and were told the only items truly vegan were the snap peas and garlic spinach. According to the manager, all of their sauces are made with white sugar and the process involves filtering the sugar through the charred bones of animals.

  • Estella says:

    I disagree that p.f. Changs could or should be considered a vegan or even vegetarian friendly restaurant. While they do have a few veggie plates, which generally are about the equivalent of steamed vegetables, their other menu items are misleading at best. I just found out that not only is their garlic noodles sauce (which I was told for years by servers was ‘vegetarian’) made with both oyster sauce and chicken powder, but the oft referenced vegetarian option for lettuce wraps and veggie dumplings, while being vegetarian themselves, offer a dipping sauce which also contains oyster sauce. I told the staff that I was vegetarian many times when I ordered these dishes, and nothing was said to me about the contents of the sauce or the option of an alternative. I’m very disappointed to find out my nearly ten year vegetarian lifestyle has been disrupted multiple times by this oversight and lack of information.